How to promote your website: 21 ways.

SEO becomes more and more expensive every year. And the less you see the price for services, the more likely it is that this is a fake, a phantom and, of course, the sense from such a promotion as from a goat of milk. Nevertheless, customers and lay people continue to stumble upon pitfalls. The market is disappointed. However, SEO is just like 10 years ago, 15 years ago – is one of the most affordable and effective method of website promotion.

How to promote a website on the Internet — step-by-step instructions for actions.

The development of technologies inevitably entails a change in the methods of promoting sites, and therefore the question «how to promote the site» and step-by-step instructions for this procedure always remain relevant. In this article, we decided to share with you the current methods of website promotion, which have been and will be relevant for at least 5 years.…

1. Compilation of the semantic core.

It is required to conduct a detailed analysis of competitors and select the appropriate frequency of requests. Cluster phrases by category and more. At the same time, the more pages on the site are optimized for key queries (preferably popular, the higher the chances of the site to find its client.

2. Contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising, if configured correctly, will bring a lot of hot leads to your site and at the same time will not require the lion’s share of the budget allocated for website promotion. But it is not always the case.

3. Website optimization for mobile devices.

The world is witnessing a tremendous growth in mobile traffic. In Google in the Russian Federation, it already exceeds the desktop one. Although, it was to be expected. The percentage of people who go online using mobile devices is constantly growing, and if earlier people connected to the Internet through their phone to communicate in social networks, today they are looking for absolutely everything on the network using mobile devices. That is why it is important to pay due attention to optimizing the site for mobile devices, otherwise you will lose many potential customers. You can even do this yourself. As you can imagine, search engines take this moment into account as one of the ranking factors.

4. Improving the usability of the site.

The more convenient it is to use the site, the better the behavioral factor readings will be, and the higher the site will be promoted in the search results. But this is a commonplace truth. The visitor should be able to find the information he needs in 2-3 clicks, quickly fill out the feedback form or find the necessary instruction. Use a heatmap, because this way you will find out how much the site — which promotion is important to you, convenient for visitors.

Now companies are ready to spend millions of rubles on this. A whole marketing war is going on in the market. And it bears fruit. Sites are literally fighting for their exclusive appearance, recognition, dissimilarity from other Internet pages and design.

5. Speed โ€‹โ€‹of loading pages.

Any promotion will be ineffective if the site takes a long time to load. Everyone seems to know this, but the Internet is full of sites that are still loading, you can go, you know where. As statistics show, users very often refuse to view a page that takes 3 seconds to load. Nonsense. But it is so. The best load time is 1.5 seconds – this will have a positive effect on website promotion and allow you to get ahead of many competitors.

6. Internal linking of articles.

Internal linking of articles improves metrics such as the number of pages visited per session. At the same time, it is important to ensure that users are happy to go to other pages of the site and receive additional information on them to the one they have already studied. To do this, the articles add links to other interesting materials, present them cool, motivate users to stay on the site.

7. The quality of the design.

Users won’t stay long on a poorly designed site. Surprised J The design doesn’t have to be too complicated. It is important that it matches the theme of your site, has a nice color scheme and suitable images. More than 30% of all sites on the Internet are made «grandfather’s» in a way and this does not upset their owners.

8. Cross-browser compatibility.

Cross-browser compatibility – this is the correct layout of the site, with the help of which the pages are displayed the same way in different browsers. This greatly increases the reach of users. A competent proger already understands this. If the proger is from our company. Since, a few programmers make really correct sites for all algorithms. So that later it was easy to promote, and not redo it again.

Most companies, unless it is a digital agency Touchdown, will hand over an unfinished project to you. But the customer does not understand this, because he does not understand.

9. Promotion in «Instagram»

Today, Instagram is an insanely popular ad platform that allows many sites to grow. Hundreds of examples when the site is not needed at all and you can feel wonderful selling only in social. networks. A properly built promotion strategy in this social network will allow you to bring many new users to the site. In doing so, it is extremely important that the site is optimized for mobile devices. Ideally, in general, create a separate page for traffic from social media. networks.

At the same time, social traffic. networks should not settle on sites, but in specials. applications, «Direct», «PM» and other commonly known terms.

10. Promotion to «Facebook»

Likewise with the previous point. Facebook is becoming more and more popular among Runet users, and therefore it can be effectively used to attract users to your own website. Plus he really improves his «adv»…

11. Uniqueness and expertise of content.

A wonderful instrument for all ages. And its relevance is growing. In 2020, content quality requirements will become even higher. Expert content is becoming popular, which maximally reveals a certain issue. At the same time, the content must be unique and readable. Remember – the higher the value of your content to the user, the higher the site will appear in the search results. If stupid «water», as in this article, there is not much sense from such material.

12. Blogging.

A blog allows you not only to promote your site for key queries, but also to improve the image of the entire company. Users who read an expert article on your site’s blog once will come back many times.

«In addition, if the user was looking for any information and stopped looking for it after visiting your site, then this will favorably affect the promotion.» This proposal was written by a freelance copywriter. We have not yet understood what J meant by this sentence. Maybe you will understand.

13. Analysis of the issuance of competitive articles.

Analysis can be called the basis of all website promotion. Before creating articles for your own blog, conduct a detailed analysis of competitors’ articles. Thus, you can find out the approximate number of characters, and also understand what information needs to be added in order for your content to be many times better than that of competitors.

In short, what is the meaning? If you are a beginner and do not know what topics of articles to form, go to the sites of competitors and see what they write about. Of course, popular topics are selected. The more traffic, the better the behavioral factors.

14. Video production.

In general, vidos have been posted on many sites for a long time. Did you know that? It’s good. Since many people learn about it for the first time, even today. Interest in videos is growing rapidly, and therefore you should definitely use high-quality videos as an addition to the text content of the site. Videos have a great impact on the company’s image and increase the time a user spends on the page.

15. Improving local search.

Yandex and Google are actively developing local search, and therefore your organization and a link to the site must be registered in services such as «Yandex maps», «Directory», Google Maps and Google is my business. Last 2 – in my opinion this is the same thing.

16. Transition to HTTPS.

The HTTPS protocol helps to protect the data entered by your customers on the site. This protocol is preferred in search engines, and therefore you can rise above the competition. The main thing – entrust the transition to an experienced specialist. If you want to promote your site as quickly as possible, we recommend switching to a secure connection from the very beginning of the launch. With all redirects and bells and whistles. Technical.

17. Voice search.

In 2020, voice search will be especially popular, so find out what questions in your direction users ask most often and create content with relevant key queries. Don’t forget that more often than not people start their voice search with words «what», «how» and «why»…

18. Increase in the link mass.

After the introduction of ICS, it makes no sense to buy a lot of links on various resources, but the link mass still affects the website promotion. Therefore, you need to carefully choose the resources on which links to your site will be posted. It is best to have links in several proven over the years resources with an active audience – this will be enough for a successful promotion.

19. Services from Yandex.

Increasing interest in your company and improving its image, regularly bringing new users to the site, will allow active maintenance of social networks, writing articles about the company on free resources with a large audience, answering questions in the system «Yandex.Q» and much more. Also, work well «Yandex.Services», as they go to the Top. «Yandex Zen», since it also goes to the Top. In general, everything that comes out of Yandex – goes to the Top. But this is a topic for a separate article.

20. Technical invulnerability.

When conducting an SEO audit, all the weak points of your site, as well as external factors, will be identified. Influencing its promotion. This audit is required to be carried out for both new and relatively old sites, since the methods of promotion change over the years, and following the trends is the main of the main rules for promoting sites. All technical errors, such as redirects, maps, 404 pages, must be put on full alert.

21. Delegation of tasks. Yet!

If you want to start effective website promotion, it will not be superfluous to delegate some of the tasks to experienced specialists who have been working in this field for many years and really know what methods will allow your website to reach the top of the search results.

A team of internet marketing agency specialists «Touchdown» (opa, advertising) specializes in the creation, search engine promotion of sites, their maintenance for medium and large businesses in the field of masmarket, as well as the luxury segment. By working with us, you will get what you expect. And at an affordable price. Select the case that interests you.

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