How to quickly promote a site on the Internet.

Hello, hello friends. Today I will tell you how to promote a website on the Internet yourself. You will learn about many aspects of website promotion.

These are very important things that absolutely any blogger should know. In no case should you neglect them, or you won’t have to wait for any money. Yes, you can only make money on a well-promoted website. Your income directly depends on the traffic to your resource, its TIC, PR, trust, etc. We will talk about everything in detail in the following articles, and now the most important thing.

This article is for beginners. Perhaps, if you have been maintaining the site for a long time, you also made some mistakes. Therefore, I recommend that you read this article in its entirety. And so, let’s say you just created a website today. Now it is empty, clumsy and does not represent any value either to you or to casual visitors to the site. What to do?

How to promote a website for a beginner?

Think for yourself. Would you stay on such a site (blog) what is your blog site? I think no! Because it is useless. And the first thing you should think about is how to make your site useful. How to get visitors interested in staying on your site? To do this, you will have to work a lot, because in addition to the banal benefits, your site should also be better than hundreds of other similar projects. Competition, all things …

Well, okay, I will not torment you with empty words. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Everything has long been invented for you. In this article, I will tell you about the things that should be done at the initial stage of a developed site, so that from the first days it can provide some value and compete with similar sites. How to put it in more understandable words … you need to make a unique site from the source (which you have now) that you will want to visit.

Appearance. The first thing a visitor who visits your site pays attention to is its appearance. Of course, this is not the most important assessment criterion, and many may even neglect the design in favor of the value of the resource, but still. You do not need to order a colorful unique design for several tens of thousands of rubles. But you need to make your site neat and concise. At least so that there are no defects. Ideally, for a beginner, there should be a simple design that will be visually pleasing. And it is very desirable to have your own. If the appearance of your site is template, then people will often leave it immediately, and no one will remember it.

We will talk about this in detail in one of the future articles on the site. I will tell you about how to select templates for a website, where to look for them and how to quickly remake them for yourself, fix small jambs. That is, how to make candy from a free template. Moreover, it is unique. Take my design for example. I redid the free template, tweaked the little things. Now I have a unique and simple design. This is quite enough for a beginner.

Optimization. In the future, you will often come across this term. I think its meaning is clear enough – the creation of optimal (better) conditions. To be precise, this entire post is about website optimization. We make it the way it should be. Optimal for all visitors! But this point is devoted to a more in-depth meaning. Specifically, I’m talking about website optimization for external sources. What does it mean?

I see how many sites write about search engine optimization of the site. Like do it once, two, three and search engines (for many this is the main source of visitors) will love your site and provide it with all the benefits and opportunities. But this is only a part. The love of search engines is not enough. The successful blogger you should be is looking wide.

Yes, search engines are an important part of external optimization, but not the only one. External optimization, in my opinion, is the creation of conditions for all site indicators to grow. Not just attendance. And not only indicators such as TIC and PR (if you do not know what it is, wait for an article on this topic), but also such invisible things as reputation, trust of various sources, etc.

I am going to write about 5 articles about all this. All this will be in the near future. You will learn how to optimize your site, what points you should pay detailed attention to, what is most often forgotten, and much more. There will also be a few secrets. All this knowledge will help you promote your site faster. After reading them, you will learn how to promote a site for a beginner without unnecessary problems and in the shortest possible time.

Usability. In simple terms, the usability of a site is its convenience. The user who comes to your site should feel all the comfort. If the user is comfortable, then the chance that he will become your reader, and the reader will not stop visiting your site much higher. Comfort is very important. You must build your site so that any action would be performed instinctively, on an intuitive level.

He wants to become your subscriber and receive site news to his mail, for example. You need to make sure that he does not have to look for how to become a subscriber. Place a subscription form on every page, and a link to the form in every article. So it will be much easier for him. You need to predict the desires of your visitors at one time or another and implement them in advance or make the visitor’s task easier. It is very important.

You need to place the most requested elements on every page and in plain sight. So that after visiting your site a couple of times, the visitor or reader knew where to click to get something and where to get another. This is usability. Comfort, convenience!

I also want to write separate articles about this. You, as a beginner, are unlikely to be able to immediately understand how and what is the best way to improve the comfort while on your site. I’ll show you how, where and what to put. Over time, you yourself will change something at your discretion, but in the first couples, it is better to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Content. It is very important to write quality content. I won’t say anything new here. The more useful and interesting your writing, the more chances your site will be successful. 70% of success depends on it. You need to write beautifully, understandably, interestingly, and most importantly, what you have written is useful. All articles need to be optimized both externally and internally. I think that tomorrow I will write about how to correctly write articles for as many as 2 entries. First in terms of internal structure and optimization, second in terms of external. There will be a lot of useful things and secrets. Little things. If you really want to be the best you should think about every little thing. Step into the reader’s shoes and think so that you would like to see here what element is missing here. Moments such as a clickable link instead of a simple one make the use of your site much more convenient for the visitor. Think for yourself, which is more convenient to click one button and get to the desired page or search for an article in the sitemap by name and / or copy the link and then paste it into the address bar? You yourself must understand.

These are the little things that make your site unique. Allocate him from the masses. Of course, the business with links is clear to many, and here you will not stand out. Unless it will be worse. But we must think further. Many things can be done more conveniently and more conveniently. Think. Little things decide everything. The details show your attitude.

Personality. I will not say that this is a common mistake. But I think she is one of the toughest. If your site does not have a sense of personality, does not feel that a particular person is writing the posts, your affairs are very bad. Go to the article, you are a beginner, and I will help you avoid this mistake. About how and what I will write later, but very soon, do not miss. Now you need to understand what this error is.

Tell me. Do you feel like reading articles that are written by one particular person with a certain set of knowledge? (this is a question only for those who are not on the site for the first time). I think yes. In each article, I try not only to convey a thought to you, but also try to communicate. I ask questions, I say hello, I ask you about something. I have a page where I tell something about myself. All of this gives my website a personality. More precisely, the feeling that he is being led by a living person. It is very important. Why? You will find out very soon! If you have any suggestions, write in the comments.

I will write a separate article for each item in the future. For some, even a few. The topics are extensive and require detailed discussion. Here I have just provided general information for you. Get ready, you will have to work a lot. Especially at first. But I’ll help you!

Among other things, with this article I will begin to hammer into you one thought, because of not understanding which, I am sure, 99% of newbies abandon their sites.

To make your site popular, you need to write high-quality, interesting and useful content. A lot depends on this. You also need to optimize your site both externally and internally. But only this is not enough! These things do everything, there is no way without them. Some are better, some are worse. The most important PROMOTION. Writing quality content for a quality website is easy, everyone can handle it. And practically no one does this to work and promote their website. And then they whine about how difficult everything is and no return.

Soon there will be just an explosive article about it. This is practically not on any site. You should definitely read this article if you are a beginner, or if you have not been successful for a long time!

These are the basic things you need to know in order to understand how to promote a site for a beginner. That’s all for me. Thank you very much for your attention. Write in the comments what you think about this article, and also ask questions, if any. Thank you for the attention.

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