How to quickly promote a white site in black.

A story about how to quickly promote a “white” site “in black”.

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Have you finally gathered your courage and made a good website? Fine! Have you already promoted it? Does not work? Well, that’s bad. Not because it is difficult to promote it, but because it is bad that it has not yet been promoted.

What is “website promotion”?

That’s right – these are actions that are aimed at obtaining the largest possible number of targeted or thematic visitors, and not only from search engines, but also from anywhere possible, including exactly the same sites as yours, only already promoted. But we are not interested in this type of promotion yet – it is too long and troublesome. We are rather interested in the promotion of our site in search engines, and primarily in Google. We will not touch Yandex, because it is very well known that it is as difficult to promote any site in the search results of this search engine as it is to fly to the moon, and it is not easier to gain a foothold in good positions for a long time than to fly to Alpha Centauri. Another thing Google is a truly universal search engine, and if you do not take all its requirements and recommendations too literally, then it will allow you to do real miracles with yourself.

An example of promotion of a site with a musical theme.

In general, we do this.

You have a website, for example, on a music theme. It has about 20 pages, as many as possible, or less – this does not make a fundamental difference. You need to have visitors on it who are interested in music and who will bring you money by clicking through the advertisements of affiliate programs posted on your website.

The traffic monetization scheme is thought out and implemented at the highest level. The only problem is that there is no one to monetize. Google does not want to promote site pages to good positions, despite the purchased good links. You exchange links with dozens of good thematic sites, you register your site in hundreds of directories, you do everything that is supposed to be done in such cases, but there is not even a hint of success, and if there is, then this is not at all what you expected.

What to do? What else to do?

I want to assure you – if you are not an experienced professional optimizer, then whatever you do will not help you. Success usually comes only to those who for many years on their backs pulled the much-needed experience of promoting sites in search engines using “white” methods. And an average webmaster can only be lucky if he forgets about everything he once read on this topic and starts thinking outside the box.

In order not to stretch the rubber for a long time, I will inform you that any “white” site can be easily and quickly promoted and held in good positions in Google, using exclusively “black” methods.

“Black” methods are a diverse concept (as well as “white” ones). But in this case, we are only interested in two points, with direct deception of search engines that are not connected – this is the multi-page site and a large number of resources on which you can put links to your site.

Both can be implemented without resorting to any cardinal technical knowledge at all, it is enough to take possession of two programs that independently provide you with full coverage of these two points in a short time. Such programs are popularly called “expensive generator” and “spamilka”, and they can be easily found in a free distribution.

Dorogenerator for this purpose, at least “Red Button” is suitable, and spam will be Hrumer (spam is a special program for mass mailing of messages to the existing database of forums, blogs and guest books).

In general, like this: first you will need to find about 200-300 small pictures on a musical theme (at least in the same]]> Google Images]]>), we will put them in rows, for example, 5-6 pictures in a row, so they must be the same size. You also need to look for large pictures on the same topic, the sizes are not important, the main thing is that they do not crawl out of the edge of the browser – there are about 100 of them, although the more, the better. It doesn’t matter what is shown in the pictures, the main thing is that on the theme of “music”, and there they should have at least Chopin, even Sex Pistols, even a symphony orchestra, even a guitar by Michael Schenker – all the same.

Now let’s grab some text from different sites, the text should also revolve around the musical direction. A program called “Googlesnippets” is perfect for this – look for it on Google, it’s free. We fill in this text a txt file with a volume of about 80-100Kb, no more.

Now we are looking for keywords on the topic “music” or near it – for this there is a Yandex parser called “Magadan” – it is also in the free distribution.

Show your imagination and do not skimp – we need everything that is somehow connected with music. But just put each topic in a separate txt file – you shouldn’t mix topics. Once you have filled in all the files, we begin to select the extracted key phrases. This can be done selectively, or you can simply take all the keywords in a row from the lower parts of the list – after all, we only need “low-frequency”, that is, low-competitive key phrases. We put the selection into a separate file. Having selected about 1000 phrases in this way, let’s move on.

Now you need to make a template, according to which the expensive generator will generate pages. If you have never dealt with an expensive generator before, then I advise you to read the manual – this will be of great use to you in the future. The most important thing is to learn how to arrange macros correctly. If you learn how to arrange macros in the template as needed – consider that success is in your pocket.

The general background of the template can be left from the main page of your “white” site, but we will arrange the content on it in a slightly different way. A couple of the top rows will be occupied by small pictures that you have plundered, for each page they will be generated randomly according to the placed macros. We supply the pictures with captions interspersed with random key phrases, for example: “Sample # (here is a macro that randomly arranges numbers), on topics” (here is a macro for randomly arranging key phrases) “,” (the same) “and many others. You will come up with the labels yourself, the main thing is that they do not scare people away and that search robots take them for part of the content.

We do the same with large pictures, only we arrange them not in a row, but one above the other, 2-3-4 pictures per page will be enough. Some will be repeated on other pages, but it doesn’t matter – the main thing is that their combinations do not match. We also insert the same macro (random keywords) into the viola to all the pictures. Under the pictures, we place an advertisement for the affiliate program (or several affiliates) to which you are going to send the received traffic. Under the advertisement we put a link to the main page of your “white” site with a large (at least clearly distinguishable) inscription like “Return to the main page”, or any other, but such that it does not scare away the visitor.

But at the very bottom of the template, you put a text macro that will be generated by the expensive generator from your text file. To prevent this text from catching the visitor’s eyes, cover it with a graphic file to match the font color, and make the text itself in as small letters as possible.

Do not forget to set up internal linking in the expensive generator, the best option is 10-20 links to other pages.

Now the titles of the template. In the TITLE / TITLE meta tag, insert a random keyword generation macro. Put the same macro in the heading on the page itself. The rest of the meta tags are not needed, search robots do not pay any attention to them, and if they do, then we do not need this attention? Because it does not bring a noticeable benefit, and if these meta tags are filled in incorrectly, it can bring harm, and often significant.

I also advise you to insert the code of the counter into the template – detailed statistics of site visits have not prevented anyone yet, and this counter, in addition to very “advanced” statistics, which, moreover, can be sent to your mail every day, can also bring a stream of visitors to the site – after all, LiveInternet is a full-fledged directory, though not moderated, but still. Paste the same code into all “white” pages of the main site. So, the template is ready.

We insert it into the expensive generator and press the “Start” button. After a while, he will put 1000 brand new pages in your site folder, which are very similar to a site made by hand by a very intelligent webmaster.

We make a sitemap, that is, a page that contains links to all pages of the resulting site, including the pages of the main “white” site. The expensive generator makes such a page during the generation process, after that you just need to edit its template so that its design does not differ from the rest of the site pages. That’s all.

The site with a total of 1000 + 20 pages is ready.

We upload it to the host and perform the following actions. On any webmaster blog we download the free version of the world’s most famous spamilka (a program for filling out forms on open sites, something like the well-known “Roboform”, only much more functional) “Hrumer”. You do not need to install it – this is not a script, but a program that is specially made for even those users who are unable to distinguish between installation files and startup files.

If you have money, and you have not regretted $ 570 for the purchase of this wonderful device, then along with Hrumer there are all kinds of databases (forums, blogs, guest books, both Russian-speaking and foreign, and there are almost a million of them there) instances), and a parser.

But if you are downloading a limited “free” version, then you will have to collect the base of forums yourself. It can be bought for a penny on the same webmaster blog (naturally, it will be dead, but not quite, and the fact that there is living there is enough for you at first).

You can go through the abandoned forums and find links to other forums in their topics – in general, there are a lot of options, and I will describe many of them in my other article. You need to collect at least 200-300 such abandoned (that is, not moderated, but not broken) forums.

It is better not to touch guests and blogs, why – I will tell you again in another article. We are only interested in forums that do not have owners, and in which you can leave your messages with the links we need.

We insert our task into Hrumer – about 20-30 links to different pages of the new site in the BB-code format (on many forums, links become active only in this format). You can also send “naked links”, that is, links in their pure form, but it is better to arrange them in the form of inscriptions, where the inscription is the name of the page to which the link leads. The necessary formats of all links for all pages are given to us by the expensive generator in separate files.

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