How we promote sites.

After drawing up a comprehensive SEO audit, a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the site appears. Subsequent corrections and revisions will lead to effective website promotion.

Marketing analysis is a more in-depth direction of a comprehensive website audit, focused on identifying and strengthening the factors influencing the commercial success of your resource. Most often, this is all that concerns the usability of the site and the perception of information by the visitor:

Site structure and page architecture (how clear and convenient is the site hierarchy / page view); Ease of navigation and use of the site (the visitor should easily get to the required category / section; find the necessary information; place an order, etc.); Quality, content and location of content; Efficiency of information presentation.

As a result of the SEO analysis, it becomes clear what factors need to be worked out on the site in order to attract the greatest amount of targeted attention, and accordingly generate more high-quality traffic to increase the conversion of the offered products on your site.

In the process of conducting a comprehensive and marketing analysis of the site, a number of priority changes and improvements to the missing / incorrectly working functionality will be identified; target audience of your site; list of direct and indirect competitors; the ways of optimal development of the project have been identified.

Based on this data, the final goal and the amount of the allocated budget, you can proceed to drawing up an individual strategy for the development of the site, which will include an optimized work plan, attracting the necessary specialists and tools to fulfill the assigned tasks of an internal and external nature.

A well-designed website promotion strategy allows you not only to focus on the implementation of really necessary measures, discarding unnecessary and ineffective actions, but also to save precious time for the optimizer and the budget for the site owner.

A number of measures necessary for high-quality and full-fledged indexing, as well as error-free understanding of the site by search engine robots – there is a technical optimization.

It is with her that the optimization of a blog, a corporate website, a service website, an online store and, in general, any Internet resource begins. Further understanding and vision of your site by search engines, the speed of processing new material and its recognition, the speed of loading pages and the absence of technical problems on them literally depends on the quality of technical optimization.

Technical optimization includes choosing the main site mirror, setting up a suitable redirection of duplicate pages, getting rid of «broken» links, setting the correct answer for non-existent pages, drawing up instructions and maps for search bots, optimizing the page loading speed, correcting code errors. Website technical optimization – this is the study of many technical factors affecting the further position and perception of the site by search engines.

After the site meets all the technical requirements, the stage of seo optimization of the content component of the site begins. SEO optimization of the content part is not only about the obvious content, which is the main focus of the living visitor.

At this stage, the title and description of the pages are worked out based on the offered service, product and promoted requests of this page, work on the display of the snippet in the search results, work on the uniqueness of the titles and the text part of the page itself, based on the required intent.

All sorts of manipulations are performed on the pages and the site as a whole so that the resource is most relevant to the search queries for which it is promoted in the search engines, and fully satisfies the information needs of the visitor with unique and useful content.

Upon completion of the internal work on the site, it is time to study the external factor or work on increasing the authority of the site. This is achieved by increasing the number and quality of backlinks (backlinks) to the site. From these backlinks, the overall weight of the entire site and individual pages is formed, which is a key factor in ranking sites in the search engines.

If optimization is performed on a site with its own history, and an already existing non-zero link profile, first it is checked for gross errors in its formation, and, if necessary, is aligned and put in order. Then work begins on building the link mass, already in the right direction for successful promotion in search results.

We compose popular queries for SEO promotion.

Any SEO promotion begins with the definition of search queries, which will further promote the site to the TOP of search engines. The success of project promotion directly depends on the quality of the collected requests. Collecting key queries can be regarded as the foundation of the entire complex of manipulations carried out on the site.

For each specific project, an individual semantic core is drawn up, which corresponds to the topic, type and purpose of the site. Most often, this is a commercial or transactional direction of the semantic core, which implies the final purchase or application, but we are always ready to attract more traffic to a commercial site by generating traffic with information requests for the created section of the site.

In any case, before starting seo promotion, the list of search queries is negotiated and approved with the owner of the promoted site.

SEO site optimization.

Based on the compiled list of promoted keywords for the site, the optimization of the project begins. There are two main types of optimization – it is internal and external optimization. In turn, each of these subspecies is divided into a huge number of branches of technical and content factors that need to be worked out and brought to a recommendation form that can satisfy not only search engine queries, but also qualitatively solve the information needs of a site visitor.

In general, site optimization, when promoting a site, is an endless process with its own invariable criteria, the optimization of which has always been necessary and relevant, and constantly changing criteria by algorithms that make their own changes in the work, priority and significance of certain work processes of search engines.

We write articles with 100% uniqueness.

One of the cornerstones of search engine optimization, namely internal seo optimization – it is the uniqueness of the content. It makes no sense for search engines to engage in secondary content and provide copies of the site, all the more so to put it higher in their search results. That is why it is extremely important to place unique and useful content on your site in the form of unique article information written by us and multimedia information, which is usually provided or created by the site owner.

Speaking about articles, it is worth noting that the text is formed based on key queries, as part of the semantic core of the site, and directly affects the promoted potential, relevance and informational presentation of the page. Compilation of unique articles for website promotion is a whole direction in such a multifaceted business as SEO promotion.

Purchase of trust links on trusted resources.

One of the important stages in SEO promotion is the purchase of links. The external factor in the development of the promoted resource is one of the most important criteria affecting the ranking of the site in the search engine. The amount of external resources linking to the promoted site has the most serious impact on the site’s position in the search results. Moreover, an external factor can have both a positive effect and a negative effect, the elimination of the consequences of which – it is a long and painstaking work.

To avoid bad external influence on the promoted site, you need to get backlinks from authoritative sources that are already trusted by search engines. In this case, search engines will be able to further understand that your resource is from the same group of authoritative sites. During our promotion, only such sites are taken into account and spam sites and link scraps are avoided.

We analyze visits and improve the site (PF)

To ensure that your resource is always at the height of the search results and always satisfies the information needs of the visitor, while being convenient when using it, visits are monitored.

An analysis of visits will be able to give a complete picture of the site’s convenience and indicate both weaknesses and unfinished or inconvenient functionality of an Internet resource when promoting a site. Thus, your site will be constantly improved and will acquire the appearance and functions of a useful and optimized one, capable of providing not only a commercial or information load for its visitor, but also making it the most convenient and optimized.

Reducing the bounce rate.

Search engines have a huge variety of criteria that affect the SEO promotion of a site for a particular search query. This is not a small collection of various factors, but there are also individual criteria, the indicator of which has a huge impact on the success of the site. The bounce rate is one such criterion.

The way the visitor behaves on the site is one of the key factors that can tell the search engine how useful the visited resource is in solving a specific need and was able to win the interest and attention of the visitor. The higher the bounce rate in relation to visits, the less chances a site has for successful SEO promotion. Our team systematically monitors the failure rate of their projects and always works out the factors that influence this criterion.

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