Is SEO dead? 2022-2023 – the end of the era of SEO promotion.

Hi, Ivan Babailov is in touch. I am an entrepreneur and internet marketer. In this video, I want to discuss the recently popular opinion that SEO is dead, that you can no longer get customers from search engines, that the future lies only in paid targeted or contextual advertising. I will try to confirm or deny this opinion. And of course, let’s try to understand: what to do with all this and whether you need to somehow change your promotion strategy or leave everything as it is.

Be sure to watch this video to the end, because towards the end of the video, for the most patient ones, I hid the gift.

I’ll start by telling you which SEO tools no longer work.

The first tool that no longer works in SEO: poor quality links.

I believe that in SEO, quality is important, not quantity. The same principle applies to link buying. If you have a choice: buy 10 cheap links from some unknown resources or buy 1 link, but from a good thematic site from your area — I recommend going with the second scenario and buying one link. This is due to the fact that a large number of links from inappropriate resources will give you less return than one high-quality link.

The second tool that no longer works in SEO: behavioral boost.

And now, as before, I do not recommend using cheat in the SEO promotion of your company. This is because, in the long term, the risks are higher than the potential returns.

The third tool that no longer works in SEO: keyword spam.

What does the concept mean “spam”? This is when too many keywords are added to the text of the page, thus degrading the quality of the text and reducing its readability. If you still write something from the series on your site: “Buy windows Moscow cheap with installation” — then I have bad news for you and, probably, your site is overspammed with keywords and you are losing a significant amount of traffic and customers.

The fourth tool that no longer works in SEO: junk content that is written just to get traffic.

This point flows smoothly from the previous one. At one time it was popular to write articles and collect pages on sites that consisted of a large set of keywords and a very small amount of information useful to the site visitor. Thus, it turned out that people went to the site, did not receive answers to their questions and went to look for answers further.

Search engines saw this trend and announced that now the advantages in the search results will be given to those resources that in their content respond to the client’s request and are able to retain the visitor.

Okay, we’ve covered 4 tools that don’t work. Now let’s talk about something that continues to work and bring traffic and customers.

The first tool that works in SEO: a systematic approach to promotion.

A systematic approach is probably the basis for success. If you consistently write 1-2 articles per week for 10 years, then this will give you a huge base of readers and clients.

For example, for our agency we have chosen just such a strategy of SEO promotion and for the second year we have been steadily investing part of the profit in blogging. Right now, the blog on our site allows us to receive 50-80 applications per month from potential customers. Now imagine what numbers we will reach in 5-7 years of such systematic work.

The second tool that works in SEO: mobile optimization.

The share of mobile traffic is growing more and more every year. Already, more than half of our site visitors view it from mobile devices. Whereas a couple of years ago, these figures were about 20-30 percent of the total.

Therefore, I recommend that you check right now how your website pages look from various mobile devices and tablets. Because search engines are very fond of resources that think about their visitors and optimize their content for their convenience.

The third tool that works in SEO: continuous analytics.

The fact that it is important to analyze every sneeze I say, probably, in each of my videos. And it’s not just that. Analytics — this is your compass in “dark forest” business and when you don’t know where to go — you can always count the numbers and draw up the right promotion strategy.

the number of site visitors from search by source (i.e. you need to separately count those who came from Yandex and separately those who came from Google) viewing depth (i.e. how many pages on average are viewed by your site visitors in one session ) the average time spent on your site the average position of your site in the search results bounce rate.

The fourth tool that works in SEO: organic behavioral growth.

This point flows smoothly from the previous one. Tracking analytics and understanding your metrics — you can influence them. For example, you can see that in one session, your visitors view an average of 1.2 pages of your site. Knowing this indicator — you can hypothesize and change your strategy.

For example, you can start adding links inside your pages to other useful articles / research from your site that your reader will find useful. This tool is called “linking” and allows you to increase one of the key metrics of audience engagement: viewing depth.

The fifth tool that works in SEO: useful content written to solve people’s problems.

A key SEO rule to understand and remember is that your content should be of value to your customers. Now in SEO, the winning resources are those that help users solve their problems. Through content, services or goods provided by the company — does not matter. All of your marketing should be geared towards satisfying and delivering customer value. This is a key principle that works and will always work.

If you have any questions or suggestions — write about it in the comments. I try, whenever possible, to reply to every message.

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