Many clients and even more clients – how to promote a beauty salon website.

In an era when 4 out of 5 services are searched by users on the Internet, beauty salons cannot afford not to have their own website. But it’s a shame when you make this site – and it turns out that there are already thousands of faster competitors on the market, whose resources are visited in droves. And on your – no.

What steps should be taken to make website promotion for a beauty salon effective? Let’s talk about this in our new article.

And we already wrote about what the site should be for the establishment of the beauty industry in the article “Perfect site for a beauty salon. When social media isn’t enough. ”

There is a joke among Internet users that you can hide a corpse on the tenth page of Google. And there is some truth in this, because the overwhelming majority of users, choosing a service, are limited to the first two pages of the search engine. Therefore, the promotion of a beauty salon on the Internet — a very important task that largely determines whether your site will bring customers.

If you do not promote the site of a beauty salon, customers simply will not know about you. The site will simply become a cost item that will not in any way affect the future profit of the salon. That is why it is important to start dealing with the issue of website promotion for a beauty salon immediately after its creation.

The magic of keywords.

The effectiveness of website promotion for a beauty salon depends on the quantity and quality of keywords that you will use. Keywords – These are phrases that define the subject of an advertisement and are used by clients as search queries. For example, “beauty saloon”, “how to choose a beauty salon”, “top beauty salons”, “beauty salon hair dyeing” etc.

Your task – make a list of word combinations (10-20 words and phrases) that will make “semantic core” your resource. This can be done using specialized services. – Wordstat, Key Collector, Keywordtool etc.

When choosing your queries, consider the communication style of your customers, abbreviations, professional terms and the likelihood of error. So, some clients will look for “beauty salon” instead of “beauty salon”…

According to the frequency of use, queries are divided into high-frequency, medium-frequency and low-frequency words.

Frequently used phrases are more expensive, rarely used – cheaper. When launching a promotion on the Internet for a beauty salon, combine requests of different frequencies to increase your chances of success. Now let’s look at the main promotion methods that you need to start using today.

Promotion method 1. Contextual advertising in Google and Yandex.

contextual advertising – These are text ads that are shown to users based on requests added by the advertiser in the ad campaign settings. This type of online beauty salon promotion is the fastest and most agile way to attract customers to your beauty salon website.

There are four types of contextual advertising:

Search advertising.

Advertisements that appear in the top lines of search engine results Google, Yandex,, Rambler and so on. These are the most popular contextual ads and are easily identified by tagging “advertising”…

How it works: by typing in a search query, a visitor sees your salon one of the first. Of course, the chances that he will go to the site are extremely high.

Thematic advertising.

This type of contextual advertising can be found on various thematic sites. You have found an interesting article on a topic of your concern – and, as if with a wave of a magic wand, an ad line appears offering the desired service.

Thematic advertising is launched on partner sites. For example, sites about women’s fashion, beauty and health are suitable for advertising a beauty salon. Find out what resources your target audience is visiting – and place ads on them.

Contextual media advertising.

Picture is always better than text, and animation is always better than picture. Remember this simple rule – and use it to promote your beauty salon website. To please the eye of the client, it is important to think over not only the design of the site of the beauty salon, but also the design of the banners.

Use banners with text and images. They not only grab attention, but they also increase your brand awareness and increase ad conversion rates.

Targeted advertising.

This type of beauty salon advertising is available “not for all” (we are talking about users now). For example, if a person is solely interested in gardening and healthy eating recipes, they won’t see your ad. But if a woman regularly enters into a search engine “Beauty Salons”, your ad will be shown to her regularly.

When launching targeted advertising, you preset the desired parameters for selecting an audience: for example, city and region of residence, age and income level (important for classrooms “luxury”).

One of the main advantages of contextual advertising – form of payment. In particular, you pay not for the number of impressions to the client, but for the number of conversions (clicks). Of negative factors – auction principle of advertising.

Whoever pays more per click and who manages the ad campaign better will receive a gold spot in search results.

For contextual advertising, the number and frequency of keywords, and the cost of a click, and the nature of the ads are important. Don’t limit yourself to a few advertisements. Test pictures and text, and then determine the most successful ones.

Promotion method 2. SEO-promotion.

SEO (search engine optimization) – it is the constant promotion of the site of a beauty salon, the purpose of which is – bring it to the top positions of search engine results for selected queries. The ultimate goal of optimization – increase in traffic (the number of visitors who visit the site) and their further monetization.

SEO – it’s a long game. You are taking a set of measures to increase the position of your site in the search engine results. At the same time, there is no direct dependence of the incoming traffic (the number of users) on the budget, and the result remains for a long time.

Simply put, the goal of SEO is – promotion of a beauty salon website to the first page of search results. You need to make it visible to those looking for services like yours on Google.

To begin with, it is worth saying on what principles search engines work. Their purpose – constantly improve the quality of the issue, providing the audience with interesting and useful information that they can easily get.

That is why you, as the owner of a beauty salon website, should constantly work on the usability of the interface, the speed of loading the site, its content and the quality of display on various devices.

There are two types of optimization in total. – external and internal. Purpose of the first – to tighten the technical position of the site and improve it, the second goal – build up the link mass (make the site readable).

For convenience, we have saved the main features of each of them in the form of a convenient table.

Promotion method 3. Blogging.

When approaching the development of a website for a beauty salon, pay attention to blogging. Audience tired of advertising by type “give me money – and you will receive expert advice” ready to buy anything from a person who will give her an answer to a question for free.

This is where expert blogs come to the rescue. Imagine the situation. The girl heard about the procedure “lip tattoo” and is in a state when you want to and pricks. On the one hand, the photo of the procedure attracts: I want the same beautiful lips. On the other hand – scary: how long does the procedure take? how long does it take to heal? How severe will the swelling be after tattooing? How to care for your lips?

If you post a detailed article about the procedure on your website, then the chances that customers will come to you, and not to competitors, are much higher. On the other hand, you form an image of an expert in the eyes of the audience, thereby strengthening your brand in the market.

But there is one more, third advantage of the blog. – technical. They are indexed by search engines better than regular sites. This is a great bonus for your SEO promotion.

Promotion method 4. Placement of business description and links to the site on Google, Yandex and 2gis maps.

Online Maps – another good way to promote your beauty salon on the internet. You can choose a promising area that is not yet crowded with competitors – and start up your business.

But this is not the main advantage of online maps like google or yandex maps. Their basic function – Attraction of new clients. If a person needs to order some kind of service, it is likely that he will try to save time and will consider the salons that are located closest to him.

Currently, there are three of the most popular mapping services where you can post information about your company. – Google Maps, Yandex. Maps and 2GIS.

Let’s briefly describe the registration process for each of the services.

Google Maps:

You are registering a Google My Business account and confirm that this is an official company profile; in the required fields you fill in information about the salon and its services; specify the time of work; add high quality photos; check the correctness of the location of the geographic marker.

Yandex. Cards:

You register on the Yandex.Directory service and confirm your rights through Yandex.Webmaster; in the required fields you fill in information about the salon and its services; add high quality photos; indicate the address of the salon, indicate the opening hours; check the correctness of the location of the geographic marker.

You register a salon; fill in the information about the salon and its services in the required fields; add high quality photos; check the correctness of the location of the geographic marker.

Each of the services has unique paid promotion tools that you can experiment with to find the best ones for you.

Promotion method 5. Placing a description of the business and links to the site on portals for beauty salons.

The fifth point is similar to the fourth, but in this case, promotion will be paid, and information and companies will be posted on thematic portals.

Portal example – Relax.UA. Here, in addition to the company name and geographical tags, you can add additional information:

History, characteristics, positioning of the salon. Photo gallery. Contacts (address, phone number, map, opening hours). Description of services. Service prices. Information about the masters. Reviews. Promotions, discounts, special offers.

Important ad performance metrics to track.

A careful approach to creating a website for a beauty salon is, of course, a good thing. Especially if it is creative and people visit it. However, the effectiveness of promoting your site cannot be assessed only by the presence or absence of customers.

It is important to keep track of a range of specific quantitative metrics in an integrated manner. This will help you see the paths of subsidence, paths for improvement, and the quality of the contractors’ work.

We invite you to evaluate the effectiveness of each of their promotion methods using the indicators that we ourselves use:

Conversion of target customer actions (the ratio of the number of site visitors who performed any target actions on it): percentage of customers who filled out the feedback form; the percentage of customers who went to the site; percentage of customers who made a call; the percentage of customers who signed up for the service.

Analysis of visitor behavior on the site: time spent on the site; the most popular pages; entry depth (how many pages were viewed in 1 session); repeated visits; bounce rate (left the site in the first few seconds).

ROI campaign ROI (Return-on-investment or «return on investment»).

Use the following formula to calculate your profitability:

ROI = (income during campaign – campaign expense) advertising costs × 100%

If your ROI is negative, then your campaign has failed.

You can automate the assessment of the quality of website promotion using the built-in reports of the CRM system for beauty salons Beauty Pro. In this case, you do not have to calculate statistics manually, and the risks of error are minimized. A great way to make your life easier.

But how to choose reliable specialists who will bring your site to the TOP?

Search for contractors: how not to be mistaken.

Website promotion – a difficult task, in the solution of which you cannot do without outside help. And the question of contractors must be approached more than consciously, because your profit depends on them.

And here you have two paths – resort to the help of talented freelance specialists, or contact an agency.

We are still in favor of the latter, since a contextual advertising specialist is hardly so well versed in SEO, and a blogging expert does not know how to establish high-quality cooperation with beauty salons.

How agency services are paid.

By contacting the agency, you can order a full range of promotion services:

SEO; contextual advertising; promotion in social networks; promotion on forums; Placing a description of the business and links to the site on Google, Yandex and 2gis maps.

Be prepared for the fact that different services from the same agency will pay differently. In SEO, for example, the fees vary monthly, depending on the cost of the work. Audit and implementation of technical corrections may be paid separately.

As for contextual advertising, in this case, contractors are divided into two types: some take a fixed fee and support your advertising account, others – take a percentage of the amount spent in the ad account.

So how do you choose an agency?

We have prepared a small checklist for you, which will certainly be useful to you in this difficult matter.

Explore the company’s website.

If the website of a promotion company is nervously dangling on the tenth page of search results, this is a good reason to think. Study the portfolio of the company, the list of services provided, the tools it works with and (necessarily!) Customer reviews.

Take an aptitude test.

Ask company representatives what problems they have with your website for a beauty salon right now, how they see the three main drivers of growth, and where they will start their work. Ask them to compile a list of requests for your site (semantic core). If they are high-frequency, but in no way relevant to the interests of your audience, refuse to work with contractors.

Ask for the price of services and guarantees.

Professionals will not immediately tell you the price of the work. They will first audit your site, ask about previous calculations, and then send you a transparent calculation for approval. Some companies offer customers at first to pay only for the cost of work and the reference budget, and they take bonuses only after the actual result appears.

As far as guarantees are concerned, it is difficult to anticipate changes in the way search engines work. However, specialists are able to quickly adapt to innovations. – and therefore will be ready to provide you with guarantees.

Find out the term of work.

Often, the first SEO results are noticeable not earlier than after 2-3 months of contractors’ work, and the goal can be achieved on average in six months. However, they may suggest you launch contextual advertising ahead of time, which will start bringing instant results. This is a sign of a conscious attitude of contractors to the customer.

Study the contract carefully.

Protect yourself from force majeure by prescribing the most important points in the contract:

access to statistics; a clear time at which you will receive answers to your requests; the possibility of replacing the manager; round-the-clock support (if necessary); turnaround time; the end result of the work.

These are all the tips we wanted to share with you today. And remember: if you are serious about creating a beauty website, as well as promoting it, in the future this channel can become your main and uninterrupted source of attracting new customers. Do your business wisely!

10 years in the beauty business. Automated more than 1500 beauty salons. Marketing and Sales Director for the Beauty Pro project. Lecturer at the European beauty business school "Kosmotrade"…

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