Self-promotion and promotion of your site.

And so, you have created your site, your cozy little site, and now you are tormented by the question of how to tell the rest of the world about your site. It is advisable not to invest in promotion at the same time, but to do everything on your own. In this article you will find a whole list of everything that you need and have to do to make visitors come to your site, so I highly recommend it for a thoughtful reading. Go!

The basics of promoting your site.

As you most likely understood, for website promotion it is not enough just to come up with a beautiful name and score a place on the best hosting, although this is important. For the normal promotion of your site, you need to approach business responsibly and on a large scale, on all fronts. There are a lot of sites and blogs that tell you how to promote your site, but the information there is usually very general, so I will try to collect everything in a structured form so that it is easier for you to take everything into account.

Let’s start with the simplest question: Why you shouldn’t contact a website promotion office?

Answer: Because they do everything the same as you can, but they charge much more for it than if you did it yourself. In more detail, these offices also buy links to your site, and calm down on this, while you overpay them a decent amount. You can just as well buy links yourself, but oy this below, tk. for now we are discussing free website promotion. And for this you need to observe the following series:

The page of your site must match (according to the search engine) the user’s request. This is called relevance. Only original content. If you drag texts from other sites, the search engine will not want to index you, therefore you can forget about 90% of visitors. The appearance of the site, aka design. You understand that everything should be nice and tidy. Better first practice, see how other people’s site is made. You can not do it yourself, ask those who can, as a last resort, order. Register in search engines, Yandex, Google. There are many benefits from this, in particular, the same Google provides good tools for monitoring your site and identifying weaknesses in it. If possible, register in the catalogs. But not all, but only popular ones. In my opinion, free catalogs are not very helpful. And in directories like Yandex Catalog, you will not be allowed at the initial stage. Posting on social networks. Regular repost of your materials and advertising of your site on your page, your friends page, and so on.

Do honor, everything that you are going to do in 99% of cases has already been done before you, and your task is to do it BETTER THAN PREVIOUSLY. Otherwise, why go to you, if that “dude around the corner” is better and more interesting. Do you get the point? Everything should be done perfectly and to the maximum, including the observance of the above points. You can not follow any one, and rely on a normal result. You need to take a comprehensive approach to the promotion of your site.

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How search engines work.

You don’t need to know completely about the structure and principles of search engines’ work. There is such a layer of alogrhythms and solutions that it is not so necessary to dig into this for a long time and to advance. It is enough to know the basic principles:

1) Users enter queries into the search engine, keywords for which they want to find the necessary information.

2) The search engine, following internal algorithms, selects suitable options that best match the user’s request.

As you can see, the more you reveal on your site a certain topic, supply it with keywords, etc., the more the chance of raising your option in the list shown to the user increases. But you still will not reach the top results.

Internal website optimization and what is it?

Design of your website.

Everything is quite simple and at the same time not very. It is better to first look at other people’s sites, how their design works, look for ready-made templates. It’s very easy to stick and mix up a bunch of bells and whistles on your site and end up leaving users just by looking at the homepage. You should first of all think about how your website design is attractive to visitors, not to you. Unless, of course, you are making a site for yourself 🙂

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Interesting and unique content is the key to popularity.

I will repeat again, only unique content, you will drag information, news, texts from other people’s sites, search engines will bypass you. This is not YouTube, where you can successfully drag someone else’s video and get views on it. It is only allowed to post generally known information, such as quotes from some artists or physical / chemical formulas. Everything else should be either written by you yourself, or.

Your site structure and intuitive navigation.

And significantly think over the structure of your site, the fact that you will understand where and what you have crammed does not mean that users will want to do the same. For them, everything should be clear at first glance, as if you were guiding them around your site. Feel free to make explanations, describe the sections in detail. Consider it a rule that the user can get to any part of your site in the minimum number of clicks.

Search engine optimization.

Pay attention to this part at the very beginning, otherwise you will waste a lot of time later, and it is dreary to process each created material if there are several dozen of them. It’s best to do it right before being indexed by search engines. Namely: specify the title in the materials, use headings of 1-6 levels H1-H6 (do not forget that the first level heading is used once per page), use highlight tags and keywords, as well as a method description for your materials.

High-quality software code.

High-quality program code means fast loading of your site. In general, now there are enough free engines, like Joomla, WordPress, etc. And in them, basically, everything has already been done with high quality, although not without jambs. So if you are not a genius of web programming, it is better to use ready-made solutions, it is easier and faster than writing your own site engine. But, if you have ways to write your own site engine, then most likely it will be better for your needs than universal ready-made solutions.

Internal linking.

This is the most dreary part and at the same time very important. Its essence is to create on your site a web of internal transitions from page to page like: “You may be interested in this” or “you can learn more about this here”. Thus, the user will move from one page to another, consistently finding useful information for himself. Whatever one may say, this part is very useful when you want to promote your site on your own.

External website optimization and what is it?

With internal optimization sorted out, and since there is internal, then there is external. In this case, external means just posting information about your site on third-party resources. These are link exchanges, diaries, social networks, forums, directories. In a word, wherever there is an opportunity to tell about your site. Just before you start promoting your resource everywhere, finish its main component and bring the internal optimization to an ideal state. And then buy links or negotiate free ones .. but with the sites themselves everything is bad .. in the end, only spend time. Everything must be done sequentially. I will tell you more about external optimization in a separate article. this is a big topic and more attention should be paid to it.

Let’s summarize: All the main details have been listed, but the devil is, as always, in the details. The success of the project is based on three pillars: Interesting and useful content, internal optimization, external optimization. Each of these parts needs to be given a lot of attention if you want your site to become visited as a result, and, as a result, you could make money on it. Or indulge your self-esteem, watching the increase in visitors. But both in the first and in the second case, a long and difficult work is required, not the fact that everything will work out the first time, so be patient right away, and do not try to speed up the processes by starting to do one job without completing another. Remember, you are doing this for Yourself, so you need to do everything efficiently, it is in your interests.

Finally, I note: promote the site gradually, regularly replenish the site with original and useful information and you will be happy!

A moment of humor: If nothing works at all, try prayer –

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