Self-promotion of the site: pitfalls.

Every site owner wants to see his site in the TOPs of search results and get many new customers every day. But not everyone can afford to order website promotion in a SEO company. Then the idea arises to promote the site yourself. But, self-promotion of sites hides a lot of nuances, tricks and rules. Starting to optimize the site yourself, you have read a lot of articles or consulted with friends. So, you start to actively implement everything you have learned and expect instant results. But, all the efforts made will be in vain if you make a few mistakes.

In addition, you can only follow the steps that are described in the most popular SEO articles from the Internet. You will not be able to conduct a comprehensive audit and see the full picture. Here you still have to turn to professionals. Why? We will tell you below.

Errors of self-promotion of the site.

Incorrect selection of key phrases It often happens that the semantics are collected after filling the site with content or not at all. How to do it right: For successful promotion, it is imperative to collect complete semantics with keywords that accurately describe your topic. To do this, you can use the following keyword selection services:,,

Which snippet do you think is more attractive?

An example of a well-filled profile in GMB (AquaPrint company)

the description text of the product category can be located on all pagination pages or on all filter pages; identical product descriptions; duplicate meta tags or page titles; the same text on the main page of the site and on the page «About company» etc.


The list of typical mistakes in self-promotion of a site does not end with these oversights. Such mistakes can arise both from ignorance and from the desire to quickly achieve good results. Therefore, it is better not to risk it and turn to professionals. We know the promotion methods, we draw up strategies individually for each resource, we do not use black methods. Contact us right now!

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