How, then, to promote sites if everything is constantly changing !?

In this article, I will show you how I increased traffic in just 1 year:

From 86 846 people to 158 321 or 82.30% for From 9294 people to 72 979 or by 685.23% for

Anatoly Ulitovskiy 68 03.11.2018 64250 views Updated date: 12.04.2022.


Why is SEO important for a successful business today?

Everything is very simple, because online advertising has long overtaken offline advertising in terms of its turnover.

No other source of advertising reaches even close to such a mass of the population.

Flexible settings of search keys allow you to reach exactly your client, in contrast to television, radio and outdoor advertising.

96% of people who use the Internet search for information through search engines.

Therefore, investments in SEO promotion are growing every year.

SEO companies, even in 2022, will continue to sell in batches to their clients what has not been working for more than three years:

PBN (Private Blog Networks or satellite networks); web 2.0 – bulk registration of subdomains (Blogspot, Typepad); spam crowd marketing; bulk purchase of links on link exchanges and much more.

If your SEO claims that these methods still work – ask him another question.

Why doesn’t he use these methods for his site?

No adequate SEO will bury their site with these rotten methods.

Black promotion methods for me – it is like selling the services of so-called psychics, magicians, sorcerers and other breds.

No matter how much evidence is given that they are all charlatans, they always have a huge line of customers.

This is our nature – believe in mysticism.

By the way, if some would-be psychic reads this article, let him spoil SEOquick 🙂

Do you know why I’m not afraid of this?

Because there are no black forces, there are only crooks and madmen.

It’s the same with SEO, black hat methods don’t work even in the short term.

Google can easily open any link exchange and download the base from there, just like any user can do it.

PBN is easily fired by Google, this topic has already been chewed on in Western blogs thousands of times.

Well-known paid services such as Ahrefs are scorching PBN without batting an eye.

And the most interesting thing: why do all this if white methods work perfectly.

New methods of searching for keywords.

You are only increasing competition and not getting the traffic you need.

Ask SEO how to build a semantic core, he will give you about the same checklist.

And this is a problem that will only get worse in 2022!

Everyone uses the same keyword research tools. Everyone knows that there is Yandex Wordstat, Keyword Planner. Someone uses Key Collector, collecting words from there, using also Google and Yandex clues. More experienced and financially armed studios use Ahrefs, Serpstat and Semrush, MOZ. If you get a proxy and a Scrapebox, you can pull words straight from the SERP. The less financially savvy go to Ubersuggest, Answerthepublic, Bukvarix and similar Pixeltools services.

Everyone uses the same methods.

And they get the same results in semantics.

Brian Dean created a service “Explosive themes” or, which aims to find the very themes that are outdated on the web but have tasty metrics.

The service costs from $ 47 to $ 147 per month.

Neil Patel created a similar service for himself, Ubersuggest, which can search for keywords, assess competition, study search results on demand, and much more.

The interface is quite understandable, the ability to export the results simply to the clipboard is supported.

Why is there a demand for new services?

Exactly because of this reason!

Everyone uses the same services and stumbles upon the same results.

And they build a content plan based on the same statistical data.

Why is it necessary to look for new services?

First, the search matrix is ​​not constant.

Each time new requests appear in the search.

This means that some queries simply do not have time to collect statistics.

You will always miss some midrange key that you did not notice.

We found a solution in the form of our keyword generator:

The utility allows you to attach words from the second to sixth columns to the words in the first column, does this in large quantities and allows you to immediately check the traffic of your request in the same Yandex.

By connecting the generated hundreds of thousands of words with any traffic removal and issuance service, you can get interesting results.

Secondly, the market does not stand still.

The requests of tape recorder and CD player were popular in the past, while Apple Music became much more popular and overshadowed them.

Requests become obsolete, out of fashion, and, of course, new ones appear in their place.

Google receives 86,000 requests per second.

Many sites don’t get that much traffic in a year.

At the time of this writing, the number of queries to Google has exceeded $ 2 trillion.

According to Google statistics, 15% of these queries were entered for the first time.

At the same time, less than half of the new queries are those same Long tail keywords.

Therefore, an experienced SEO specialist needs to be able to collect keywords in different ways!

In this video, Nikolai Shmichkov told in detail that the semantic core can be collected by various methods – and they will all be true.

You can even do it in regular Excel!

If you want to get traffic and sales from Google or Yandex search, fill out the form below.

Thin content.

Even if it doesn’t seem obvious.

If with keywords it is clear why you need to look for new ways, then why does not all of the content shoot?

Because even good content may not take the coveted lines in the search.

According to Advanced Web Ranking, search click-through rates are highly dependent on your position.

And this dependence is very much not in favor of those who occupy the TOP-10, but did not reach the TOP-3.

Why is it important to aim for TOP-3 and TOP-1?

We know that according to research from Brian Dean, the TOP 3 gets 75% of all clicks.

And the result comes first – 31%.

According to Searchengineland statistics, in a 2018 user survey, 90% of respondents chose TOP-1 as the most effective search engine result.

Search engines in 2020 in the TOP-1 display the desired result with 90% probability.

But how to squeeze into the TOP?

It will not work for everyone to sit on one chair for one request.

As Ricky Bobby said (he was played successfully by Will Ferell in the film “King of the Road”), “if you are not the first – you are the last”…

Websites without traffic cannot be promoted for any request – neither brand, nor informational.

But our team found a solution.

If you plan on getting organic traffic, you must do what others don’t.

We did not promote our site at all upon request. “SEO promotion”…

Although we really want to.

We were late to do this when it could be done by gray and black methods.

But at the same time, the TOP traffic of our site is given, of course, by articles.

Because these topics turned out to be easy to promote!

What is the essence of the thin content strategy – Nikolai Shmichkov told in his video.

The basis is built on a modified Brian Dean strategy called the Skyscraper Technique.

With this strategy, you explore content on the web as requested.

You study the search results and which pages are displayed for which request.

Find those pages that occupy the TOP-3, but are weak in a number of indicators:

They are inferior in terms of content quality; Have few external links and citations; Have not been updated for a long time; Content is much shorter than similar content in this niche.

This is a sign that this content has been overlooked.

Then you create the same content using these keys on your site, but much better and more complete.

Supplement with modern data and paint in more detail than in similar material.

Then promote your content – send it to profile bloggers, thematic resources, media and social networks.

You attract attention and traffic, build links to it.

As a result, the page starts growing!

After 3-4 months, go to this page and build internal anchors for the pages that you want to promote.

And the whole site is being promoted!

So we have promoted this resource in a year.

And he became the market leader in his segment!

Is this a good strategy?

See for yourself – sites on them are growing by leaps and bounds!

Search CTR.

Because search engines study not only the behavioral factor, but also the CTR (click through rate) or click-through rate.

Nick Frost, head of Google Canada, has officially confirmed that click-through rates are an official ranking factor and form part of the search engine’s behavioral factor.

For example, consider 2 pages with relevant content that are ranked 1 and 4 in the search.

The screen was taken in 2018.

If users start clicking on the 4th place more often, it means that the search engine receives a signal: such content is more interesting.

Accordingly, the search engine will swap these site pages.

But your real traffic depends on your place in the TOP.

You should be aware that 80% of site pages do not open because the name is unattractive.

How to optimize for CTR?

To do this, use the heading quality calculator discussed earlier.

In 2022, I will pay maximum attention to behavioral factors: CTR and time spent on the site.

Without this, not “build up” positions, traffic and sales.

But I would not stop, it will only get more interesting.

An excellent survey was conducted by Igor Shulezhko in the community for webmasters.

Nikolai Shmichkov answered very succinctly:

“If you are in the top ten, but not in the top three, we work with CTR – need a little more clicks”…

Then we work with the behavioral factor – you need to study how effectively the user interacts with the page.

For example, here’s the title of an article:

You can study for which queries he already occupies the TOPs in order to strengthen them higher.

Also focus on requests that are still more traffic to your page, but you are not getting the desired number of clicks on them.

And then customize your title with our Title Calculator.

Heading errors are immediately visible and can be easily corrected!

What we do right away, but we take our keywords as a basis!

We just write a title like this right away:

The result of the title will show at once all the points by which we made it attractive and clickable!

This will make it more clickable and move it to the TOP for queries, where you need to clearly strengthen your presence in the search results.

New search engine algorithms.

Keys appeared along with search engines.

Google uses RankBrain artificial intelligence and Bert’s algorithm to reduce dependence on search keywords.

the main goal – provide users with the most useful information.

Are Search Keys Needed Today?

Yes, they are needed, but their influence is gradually decreasing.

Let me explain why.

SEO has temporarily overhauled the marketing mechanism that was formed many years before our era, when the division of labor appeared.

People have ceased to be hunters, fishermen, agronomists, warriors all rolled into one.

Due to the fact that each began to develop in one direction, the development of mankind began.

To exchange created products, a market has emerged.

Advertising was created for effective sale on the market.

The Internet and search engines have intervened in the standard mechanism for creating content for people.

Because the search engines initially did not understand what queries the content was referring to.

Meta tags were created, keywords that have already lost their relevance.

This was due to the fact that Google learned to recognize content using the Panda algorithm back in 2011.

In 2015, RankBrain artificial intelligence was created, in 2019 it was strengthened by the Bert algorithm.

The purpose of all updates – understand the intent of users without optimizing content for search keywords.

For example, if I write in Google from the Odessa ip “water temperature”, the search results will show the water temperature in the Black Sea.

The search engine understood exactly what I was interested in.

If I write exactly the same request, but in Minsk, the result will be shown for the most visited resorts by Belarusians.

Google thoroughly understood the key, and instead of “water temperature” the key is ranked “sea ​​temperature”…

SEO is increasingly returning to the classic marketing system that humanity has been using for thousands of years.

Today, it is more important to collect not a list of search keys, but a list of topics for creating content.

I don’t even give copywriters a list of keys to write lyrics because they start with them. “stuff” content.

Such text becomes difficult to read.

As a result, it shows bad behavioral factors, which is the main signal for search engines. – do not rank!

Today my content plan consists solely of a list of topics.

I find pages on sites that generate great traffic while also containing weak or outdated content.

For example, let’s take a look at the blog content plan for my new English-language project

In this content plan – articles that were written over 3 years ago with outdated information.

For my blog, I wrote them much better and more voluminous.

Thanks to this, the new site, which had no traffic or authority at all, began to rank.

The problem with young sites is that only 7% of new pages make it to the top 10 in the first year.

Therefore, there is still a lot of promotion work to be done.

However, later in this article I will share with you the secrets of how to get fast traffic.

Consider the SEOquick blog, which has been promoting for many years, has traffic and authority.

I wrote an article on basic request “Instagram promotion”because there is practically no detailed information on the Internet.

The article is not referenced by any external links (at the time of this writing).

As a result, the article entered the TOP-10 for many keys and gives constant traffic.

The authority of our domain and internal linking are enough to get rankings.

Now I’m going to share with you a simple topic search engine for my content plan.

For this I use Ahrefs, namely the Content explorer feature.

Search for your key.

For the key “SEO” I got over 4 million results.

Next, I start using filters:

Content published over 3 years ago. It is for such articles that there is a huge chance of outdated content. Your language. Articles with less than 1000 words – that’s about 7000 characters. Basically, such articles do not fully answer user questions. DR (Domain Rating) I put no more than 20 than my domain. SEOquick has 53, which means no more than 70. Traffic is more than 1000 people per month.

In the results, I get 4 pages for my content plan.

Next, we move on to writing articles for these topics.

I’ll talk about this in the next chapter.

Rewriting is dead since 2020.

The main reason is that young projects are trying to copy successful sites.

But they have already been seen.

There is no alternative to copywriting today.

With Chapter 1, you can create a content plan.

Your further actions – this is writing texts.

Many people order texts for this on copywriting exchanges.

I haven’t done this for a long time.

Because all the specialists there rewrite the existing information.

Ask the selected specialist what topics he writes about.

If he tells you that he writes about sports, cinema, medicine and the animal world – immediately into “firebox”…

A copywriter should know only one cool topic!

Remember the dialogue from the movie “300 Spartans”when Tsar Leonidas asked the soldiers what their profession was.

All his soldiers shouted 3 times that they were warriors.

As a result, 300 soldiers on equal terms opposed the huge army of Xerxes.

Quality is more important than quantity!

Don’t write 100 weak articles, just write one awesome one.

Why is rewriting not working?

Because copywriters mostly rework successful TOP 10 content.

Internet users have seen this content, they will not re-read the chewed material.

Accordingly, the content shows poor behavioral factors.

Bloggers will not link to content that hasn’t brought them anything new, which means Google won’t rank it.

Imagine that you are going on vacation to an exotic country.

First of all, you start reading the reviews of people who have been there.

Now imagine the work of a rewriter who paraphrased this information for 100% uniqueness.

Such a text will not convey the real emotions and feelings of people who have experienced this vacation in their own skin.

Therefore, review sites or travel sites closely monitor the reality of reviews.

I have tested writing texts many times with freelancers from copy exchanges.

None of them got ranked.

How, then, do you write lyrics?

You have 2 options – do it yourself or order from specialists of your topic.

I use both options.

On May 15, 2019, I wrote my last article in Russian about making money on Instagram.

Since then I have completely concentrated on writing texts in English for

Regardless, my 3 articles are still generating the most traffic for SEOquick blog.

I was not born a copywriter and even worse – at school I have always had unsatisfactory grades in Russian and Ukrainian.

The texts that I wrote more than 5 years ago were deleted long ago because there was complete rubbish there.

I don’t believe in the existence of talent at all.

Only desire and hard work create talented people.

Everything I do – I write this every day at least 1000 words (about 7000 characters).

Every day I get a little better at my writing.

If you want your business to flourish, start writing yourself.

Even if you don’t like what you wrote.

Just be a little better the next day.

You won’t get results even in a couple of months – this laborious development work takes several years.

It’s like playing sports.

No athlete goes to the World Cup without spending many years of daily training on it.

Option two: copywriting – it’s not yours and you want to focus on other tasks.

For example, I no longer write for our Russian blog, because my main priority is – this is an English language blog.

By the way, I decided to rewrite this article because I could not find a specialist who can do it better than me.

To find experts, look for bloggers who are successful in writing articles on your topic.

For example, I found over a hundred SEOs who wrote on the Internet about advertising.

I checked that their texts were ranking and giving traffic.

Accordingly, they have proven their knowledge.

Then we wrote to them that we would like to start cooperation.

Out of 200 people, 110 did not answer at all, 80 broke an unrealistic price list, and with 10 we agreed to cooperate.

This search process takes several months.

Price for written texts – 3-5 times higher than on the link exchange, but the quality is 10-20 times higher.

The resulting text must be converted to content.

I’ll talk about this with you in the next chapter.

Quality content.

Even search engine representatives admitted that this is the most important ranking algorithm.

There are many guidelines on how to create one.

I decided to collect the most important pieces of content that are still being ignored.

The main component of the site content — this is the text.

The text should be long, then users stay on the site.

For example, on our portal, users spend less than 3 minutes on the main page, on the blog page and on the list of utilities.

Wherein, “Percentage of exits” from the site with these pages is 35.94%, 28.66%, 31.66%, which is significantly less compared to other sections.

Because the main goal — show where to move further on the site.

A quite reasonable question arises “How long (on average) do you need to keep a user?”…

According to a Searchengineland study, people spend 3 minutes 10 seconds on the pages of TOP-10 sites.

This tells the search engine that the material is interesting and useful.

On our site, 2 types of content show the behavioral factor for more than 4 minutes — these are blog articles and our utilities.

Many people focus on writing just the texts on the blog, while ignoring the creation of tools.

Now I’m going to tell you how easy it is to actually create them.

Think about what kind of routine work you do all the time.

Which is why you have to use Excel forever to combine data.

Use these facts to create a tool that will make your work easier.

For these purposes, we have created 9 personal utilities that significantly save time.

Do you think that something like this has not been invented for your field yet?

For example, your main business — these are pills or cocktails for weight loss.

Open Google or Yandex, many have already created the necessary tools.

To do this, enter your keywords + calculator (tool).

In 2020, we are going to release new tools, as well as improve old ones, because technologies do not stand still.

To introduce new tools, talk to your programmers who created or maintains your site.

You can also contact the freelance exchanges, where you can easily find the appropriate performer.

For example, on upwork, search for “create tools” (tool creation).

On choose the section “Programming” — “Plugins / Scripts / Utilities”…

We have 2 tools — it is a keyword clusterer and title quality calculator that have spent time and money on, but not as big as the traffic they generate.

In general, they spent $ 50 on the utility for working with Google AdWords match types, 664 people viewed it in a week.

The beauty of tools is that they not only generate search traffic, they also get constant direct.

To promote, you need to inform your community about the existence of a free tool that saves time, reduces manual labor.

The second type of content you are currently studying — these are blog articles.

There are a huge number of blogs on the Internet, but there are not so many good ones, only a few are promoted.

To truly be successful in the blogosphere, you have to offer something new.

The biggest mistake — it is trying to find copywriters who will do the job for you.

If you write — it’s not yours, then look for authors who get paid not for the number of characters, but for the time.

To create cool material, you need to read a lot of other articles, research.

It is important to combine theory with practice.

But you know, even long content can be quit reading because it’s not interesting.

Yes, you can publish a long article, but be aware that 4 out of 5 people give up reading already at the introduction stage.

Write exciting, interesting introductions.

Your goal — interest, make read on, as Joe Sugarman advocated.

For example, a train, when it just starts moving, it is very easy and quick for it to stop.

But if he picks up speed, it is not so easy to stop, it takes time.

In the introduction, you must accelerate the train so that the reading does not stop until the very end.

In the beginning, people easily give up reading, because their time is precious to them.

Get them interested, then they will read everything and will not be able to stop.

Divide the main part into subheadings and answer all possible questions.

If the user does not find the answers from you, he will continue to search.

To solve such problems, use a free utility —

LSI keys can also be checked in a search.

Even if you’ve answered all of the questions in your content, it’s important to evoke emotions in people, especially curiosity.

Because dry information will not be interesting, they will stop reading it right away.

I was sitting in the office one evening, checking the results on a new promotion strategy.

Alice is added to my Skype and writes from the start:

— Anatoly, good evening, I really need your help!

Of course, this discouraged me, clients usually do not write that way.

I look at her avatar, and there is a blonde, young, very sexy.

Well, you know, now they can beautifully “photoshop”…

— Greetings, Alice. I am listening to you attentively. — I really like you, I want to see you madly. You are exactly the person I need. — You are also very cute and hot.

In fact, I decided to play along with her in order to understand what the divorce is, because I have not seen this yet.

— I read your articles, saw your videos, I really like your non-standard approaches to promotion. Only you can help me, nobody else. I really need to see you and tell you everything. Now I can drive up to you. — Okay, drive up to my office and discuss it.

Here I deviated from my principles a little, because I don’t meet with clients in the office.

In the modern world, everything can be solved on Skype or any other messenger.

Therefore, my office does not have the conditions for receiving clients.

Believe it or not, it was already really late and Alice came to see me.

Literally in 2 hours!

Probably the first time the avatar was even worse than reality.

Moreover, she arrived in a mini skirt and everything else was so open that I got goosebumps.

Spasms blocked my throat, my tongue stuck to my lower palate, I just became dumb.

If it was a divorce, then I fell for this bait completely and completely.

— Anatoly, can I call you Tolya, it will be much easier for me. Better let’s go to you. — Yes-ah, ho-o-ro-o-sho-o- (I mumbled). — I have a very difficult situation. 6 months ago I opened an online cosmetics store. I bought goods from suppliers at a really good price. Original only. My prices are better than those of large online stores. There was not enough money for advertising, so I borrowed 20 thousand dollars from good friends. I was sure that if you buy links to them, then in six months I will get TOP-10 for hundreds of requests and 5000 visits per day. Thanks to this, I will sell the goods, pay off my debts and be able to invest my own money. But nothing happened, the money was spent, but there is no traffic and positions. Now I don’t know what to do. Ready for anything, help me please.

I want to make a correction, I have a wife and a child.

Late in the evening in the office I have a girl of the most fashionable appearance, from whom my head is spinning, ready for anything.

The most important thing for me — this is a family, a business, money is paid for my services.

In this situation, a proposal that contradicts the most important thing.

Despite the principles, I made one more exception and looked at her SEO-promotion.

You know, she had decent content, but the inbound links were spammy, bought from link exchanges.

Of course, such work will not give results.

In the next chapter, I will tell you how to create inbound links correctly so as not to waste 6 months on promotion.

If you are curious to know what happened next with Alice, read on.

The most interesting is just ahead.

External links.

The days of link exchanges are gone, today it doesn’t work like it used to.

Black methods are completely replaced by white ones.

In this section, I’ll show you how you can easily create white links.

Quality link building is mainly offered by Western companies.

Russian speakers talk about the mythical help of link exchanges and crowd marketing.

Cases also show that it really works.

Here I want to make a small correction, it doesn’t work, but it worked.

Today it is necessary to focus on white methods.

If Russian-speaking companies or Indians offer to promote to the western segment, then this is mainly PBN (Private Blog Network) or satellites, crowd marketing, automatic spam and “other heresy”…

All these links — walking on the edge of the blade, it is not known when the Penguin or Minusinsk filter will punish.

But how do you create truly white links?

We have already covered the methods of creating links in our guide. “PROMOTING A SITE WITH ETERNAL LINKS: BLACK AND WHITE SEO (2018)”…

If you have not read it, I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself, even for the control of your SEO specialists.

Today I will show you 2 strategies that give great results.


Creating links to social projects.

For example, we have created 2 social projects for payment for a year of study at the university:

The information was disseminated among universities and government agencies.

Behavioral factor.

How does a search engine study the usefulness of content?

In this chapter, we answer these and many other questions.

It will be very interesting further.

Why is it important today to focus on quality over quantity?

It is necessary to spend more time on quality, on finding the necessary information, processing it and filling it in.

Open our blog, read articles, each one takes several days to write.

Do you think we would not like to write more often?

To maintain our reputation, we push our best to create quality content.

A couple of years ago, they wrote much more often, because there was no such level of competition.

But today, the tendency to write more is observed not only in our country, but also in other companies on the Internet.

As we can see, the number of articles with less than 500 words or 3500 characters dropped from 21% to 9%, and articles with more than 2000 words or 14000 characters went up from 2% to 8%.

This trend is far from being a fashion statement, but an important ranking factor.

the main objective — retention of users on your site.

The more time they spend here, the more interesting your content is.

Long publications that take time to read help retain potential customers.

Therefore, those who focus their efforts on promoting commercial pages lose to competitors, in the TOP of the latter — informational content.

There is a theory: it is profitable for search engines to show informational content even for commercial queries in order to earn more on contextual advertising.

Perhaps this is so, no one knows for sure.

But the fact remains: long content is more important for high ranking.

Of course, the sales page sells better, but trust me: informational guides can also be great monetized.

To do this, include pop-up windows or application forms.

Want to increase search traffic?

Even without including such forms, many users will independently go to the main page and another page.

We have already discussed that people are on the pages of TOP-10 sites for 3 minutes 10 seconds.

What are the behavioral factors?

Total traffic of the resource – this includes direct links, links from social networks; Separately, there are transitions from search engines – the quantity and CTR are taken into account; Time of visit on the site – compare average time in your niche, your bounce rate, search bounce rate, and browsing depth; Loading pages – page load time (or speed), layout errors for the mobile version, rendering time of the first content and First Input Delay are taken into account – time before interaction with content; Interaction with content – this includes the execution of targeted actions, the percentage of scrolling, button clicks (events).

How to increase behavioral factors for Google?

In this webinar, Artur Latypov and I analyzed methods for improving PF for sites and prepared an analysis of the key points in the usability of the resource.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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