SEO website promotion 2019 in the TOP of Yandex and Google.

Hello friends, I have long wanted to write a long article dedicated to completely promoting the site and sort everything out so that there are no questions from SEO specialists and clients.

Before I start, I would like to say that many people simply do not understand what website promotion is and how to evaluate it, what to demand from an SEO specialist. I’ll tell you about everything in order – let’s go!

What is SEO?

Let’s start with a simpler example: Imagine you are building a new house. First, you design how the house should look like, what and where it should be located (from the kitchen to the bedroom, hall, etc.)

Then you build a foundation in which you take into account all the previously prescribed requirements and it is very important to comply with them so that there are no problems with the house during construction. After the foundation is erected, you begin to assemble it brick by brick, by plank.

After you have built the house, you begin to equip everything inside: buy furniture, conduct electronics and monitor the area around the house. You are building a house with a reserve for the future, hoping that it will serve you for a long time, but if it starts to become outdated, then you need to carry out a radical modernization, for example, replace wooden windows with plastic ones.

So, Website promotion is like building a house, everything is thought out even at the design stage. Every little thing needs to be taken into account, otherwise you will have to make constant improvements or completely redo it.

You have a lot of questions about links – this can also be explained in simple terms. You have built a house in a remote location, the nearest house is 30 minutes away by car. Your house has a road, there is no electricity. You start to find out which companies are engaged in the installation, they learned from you that you built a house, installed everything you need and left. And also when you call your friends, when they came to you for housewarming.

So links are a way to announce your site to the world using various sources: articles, social media. networks, media and so on, and the more of them, the better for you. For example, the metropolitan mayor’s office told about your house, that it is exemplary, and in gratitude to your house, the mayor’s office began to pave the way. Gradually, every person who listened to the mayor’s office began to learn about you – this is how your house became known.

Let’s consider several points of view of understanding this term:

From the point of view of an SEO specialist.

SEO is a set of specific actions performed on a site, thanks to which we get traffic, positions, leads or something else that a specialist takes into account. But there are specialists with different levels and understanding of their profession, therefore, by performing certain actions, they do not go towards what the client wants to get.

Therefore, when they throw off a report on positions, tables for tasks, which show the amount of work done, the client does not always understand this, because they did not explain to him what each of the points means. There remains a mess in my head, and when working with a new specialist, a stereotype develops that all SEO specialists are the same.

Clients need an explanation of the actions from the SEO Specialist / Team of Specialists. For example, why do you need to write titles Title, description or make edits to the existing version of the site. And this must be done in the most accessible language for the client. I think there will be fewer questions after this.

From the client’s point of view.

SEO is a thing that I give money for, not understanding what I’m getting for it. Experts bombard me with various reports, site audits. I don’t want to figure it out, I need sales.

The client needs to delve into the promotion process itself. A strong phrase, but true – no one needs a business except you, so you need to be an interested person yourself. This will further allow you to understand all the offers on the SEO market and choose the right agency.

From the point of view of a businessman who made money on it.

SEO as a way to make a profit. The client, who figured out how his market is arranged, identified several ways of business development, assessed all possible risks and began to act. To lift the heavy load of SEO, I had to study everything myself from and to, or delegate tasks to the co-owner who was doing it.

Examples of successful businessmen who have risen largely due to SEO traffic:

Texterra – internet marketing agency;

Yagla is an online conversion tool.

What SEO looks like.

The difference between PPC and SEO ads is that paid ads are tagged as advertisements.

As a rule, the first 3-4 ads in Yandex are allocated for Contextual Advertising, SEO results are below.

And this is how the search results on Google look, in general, everything is the same as in Yandex.

There is also a mark about advertising in paid ads.

Why do you need SEO.

Before starting any work, you ask yourself: why do you need this? What do you want to get out of this? After that, you need to start already performing the appropriate actions.

Most of the business’s clients come from word of mouth. That is, this is a recommendation to other people, a person who has already used a product or service.

So SEO is a recommendation from Yandex and Google. Let me give you an example: you go to the market and choose which grandmother’s milk is best to buy, you cannot taste it, so you cannot evaluate which milk tastes best. Marketing is already working here – you start looking at other factors: how grandmother communicates, how she presents information, what else she can offer besides milk.

For you, for example, it is important that your grandmother’s hands are clean, that she communicates openly and even tells where this milk comes from. Perhaps, as a factor, if half of the village orders milk from my grandmother, the degree of trust in her increases several times.

Walking from side to side, you choose and cannot decide – this is how the visitor behaves when he drives in a certain query in the Yandex search results and looks through the offers of several sites.

As a result, you make a choice in favor of one or another grandmother, for the reasons that were initially important to you.

Now I will sign this information in a more technical language.

Reasons why you need SEO promotion.

Get applications from this source. The process is not fast, but quite achievable.

Increase your brand awareness. As a consequence, trust will also increase.

Future perspective. If you spend money on contextual advertising, then organic traffic will be a salvation in this situation, although in any case, at the initial stage, advertising costs will still be required.

Why you don’t need SEO promotion.

Many clients believe that SEO is magic, and it is enough to do 2-3 things to get the result. Due to the great competition of the SEO market and the development of search algorithms, this option is already eliminated. If 10 years ago it was enough to buy links to your site, now by doing this you can get a ban.

If you want to get the result right away. SEO is developing progressively and by leaps and bounds, and if you are one of those clients who wanted sales yesterday, then it is better to choose Yandex Direct or Google Adwords.

If you are not ready to invest money and personal time. For example, provide information about products, services, photos of employees, price list, awards, and so on. This is the most useful information from which the specialist will make a start, so if it is absent, then ordering a promotion is not worth it.

If things are good enough without SEO traffic. For example, you are satisfied with contextual or targeted advertising.

You are a more or less well-known brand. You are searched for by the name of your brand, and only then the role in SEO Optimization will be minimal here. But beware of offers to promote your site for a specific brand query, because by default you will already be in the TOP of the search results.

I want to warn you, after creating a new site, your site will not automatically advance in the search results of Yandex and Google and will not receive traffic. Many companies spend 50-70 thousand to buy links in Gogetlinks, Sape and other exchanges, and SEO specialists get their money and do not even start working on the site, throwing money on the exchanges.

Surely, soon you will hear the answer: “Well, Yandex is to blame for not raising our site to the TOP, we have nothing to do with it, we did our best to promote the site.” Yandex is not to blame, but the actions of an SEO specialist cause questions, since they did not allow your site to take off in the TOP of the SERP. So, I will tell you how to attract traffic to the site, without any markups and link purchases:

Analyze your niche and competitors in it.

Let me give you an example first: You come to the market to trade the same milk that I described earlier. There are people who come before you, due to this they take more clients for themselves than you do. For example, competitors who sell milk have signs, everyday promotions, which encourages more and more people to contact the seller.

Your company proceeds from the realities of the market and from the competitors that are present in it. In SEO, everything is the same, in order to start promoting a website you need to know all your main competitors.

For example, your niche, previously conducted by me topic: Building houses, consider this example.

You type in the request “Building houses” in Yandex. You see sites that are crawling out for this request in Yandex.

These are competitors of your niche for the query “Building houses”, you can write them out for yourself in a column (first 10 results).

Then we drive in the query “Construction of turnkey houses” and also write out (the first 10 results). We do the same with the query “construction of cottages”.

As a result, we get a table of competitors for these queries.

Based on the table, we see that none of the sites is not present in the TOP 10 for all 3 key queries. Why did I determine that they are key? To do this, we need the service – go there and type in the request “Building houses”.

We see that the query “Building houses” collects 137,822 impressions per month for the Moscow region and the region. More precisely, this does not mean that the specific query “Building houses” was entered so many times.

General request – Construction of houses, which includes about targeted requests and all possible word forms with this phrase, even such non-targeted requests as:

Construction of residential buildings;

House building technologies.

To find out how many people entered a specific request, you need to drive in a clean request without any garbage.

A clean query is “! Build! Houses!” We add quotation marks and an exclamation mark.

We see that the number has decreased several times and this request is gaining 3756 impressions per month. Now we will do the same with the query “construction of cottages”

Accordingly, it can be understood that building houses is a more competitive topic than building cottages in terms of SEO.

The right column displays related queries that you can also use to promote your site. For example, additionally write out more competitors who are shown for these queries in the Yandex search engine.

After we have collected all competitors, we begin to analyze the usability of competitors’ sites. We analyze them for the presence of certain chips inherent in this niche.

I will give an example: Go to the site and look at the presence of certain elements:

House selection element.

Element of projects of ready-made houses on a competitor’s website.

I took items only posted on this page. As a result, I brought all the data into one table.

In the topic of building houses, I have identified the most important elements of all sites.

Project selection block;

Block of cards of finished houses;

What else did you manage to understand?

9 out of 10 sites in the TOP 10 on the request “Building houses” displays the main page, respectively, it would be no longer logical to create an internal page due to great competition.

After we have conducted an analysis of competitors, it is necessary to think about the design of the site.

I described in more detail about Competitor Analysis in this article.

Creation of site structure and prototype.

It is no coincidence that I collected and analyzed competitors before creating a new site. After all, you must first decide how this business / niche is represented on the Internet.

The elements that I wrote about above are available from your competitors. These are some market requirements in your niche that must be done, otherwise you will simply not be allowed into the issuance.

Example: when you go to an elite Moscow club, if you put on sneakers, an olympic jacket and a cap, then expect to be refused. Also, there are elements that should be on the site.

Now, based on your business and competitors, you should form your own view of the site, how, what and where it should be located.

To begin with, you will need to draw up some kind of map of all the services that you provide. If this is problematic for you, then you can look at your competitors, what sections of the sites are on their site.

For example, you have a structure like this:

I took the structure from a competitor’s site, so you can also do it, at the stage of collecting the semantic core, some points may change.

After creating the structure, you need to render the page data.

Best of all, the visualization is shown by the site prototype, which reflects all the elements that should be present on the page.

There can be several prototypes on different pages:

After that, we give it all to the designer. After the finished designer, the programmer transfers everything to the code. It is important to coordinate each element with the programmer on the issue of its functionality, so that there is no misunderstanding.

In more detail about what you need to consider, I told in the article: Website development for SEO promotion.

Collecting the semantic core.

Now we come to the most important element of SEO – the semantic core. It forms the basis of any site, and of course, the more the better.

Previously, we collected a list of competitors by primary requests:

Now we are driving all these competitors into the service. We drive the site into this field and then scroll a little lower, where it says “Domain queries in search results”.

Next, click on the button “All requests in organic search”.

We get to a new page, click Export all requests “Full report”. Our file is saved in Excel format. We carry out the same work for all other competitors, and as a result we have several exported Excel files.

We unload the left column with keywords into the KeyCollector program.

KeyCollector is a program that allows you to collect all the queries / words that people have ever entered on the Internet.

We enter the data: all the uploaded keywords into this KeyCollector program.

With 10-20 competitors, we should get more than 100,000 words, in principle, this is enough for the initial collection, but if the task is to collect the largest semantic core, then we draw up a Mind Map, after the creation of which the parsing already occurs.

After parsing all the keywords, the moment comes to cluster the keywords across the corresponding pages.

Query clustering is the distribution of key queries across a site page.

How to determine which keywords to correlate with where? We proceed from the point of view of the user’s understanding of a particular request, for example.

Turnkey construction of houses;

Turnkey construction of houses in Moscow.

All these requests will refer to one and the same page of the site, because in the meaning they are the same type of requests. It’s another matter if we have this type of request:

Turnkey frame baths;

Then we drive these queries into the Yandex search engine:

Request Turnkey frame baths;

Turnkey bath request.

We see that the sites in the search results are fundamentally different, so we understand that these are completely different requests.

After clustering the semantic core by pages, we proceed to the formulation of the technical task.

Statement of technical specifications for a copywriter.

A copywriter is a person who writes text for a website. The terms of reference are the requirements that the copywriter will take into account when writing the text.

It is very important that he observes several points:

The quality of the text from a copywriter. A copywriter must have certain knowledge in the topic about which he writes. Experience in this area will be considered a big plus.

Understandability of the text. For the appropriate target audience, the text must be understandable, otherwise it will simply not be read.

Incorporation of keywords into the text. There should not be too many of them, but they should also be present so that by these words you can be found in the search.

After writing all the texts, the site is already ready and we begin to upload information.

Internal website optimization.

Internal optimization is the markup of your site that is understandable to the search engine. It, like the semantic core, forms the basis of SEO site promotion. It is necessary to structurally distribute the text so that the search engine takes into account all the tags that are placed on the page.

Optimization of internal pages.

Prescribing meta tags Title, Description.

Title and description are very important from the point of view of website promotion, because it is displayed in the search results of Yandex and Google.

An example of displaying Title and Description on the SERP.

Placement of text and design of headings H1-H6.

The text must be split over subheadings, just as we do in a Word document. The Yandex search engine takes titles into account in its ranking and can substitute the title instead of Title.

Adding media information to the text.

In addition to text, you need to add video content, pictures, infographics to the site in order to increase visitor engagement on the page.

Assigning tags for pictures ALT and TITLE.

The search engine is still not mature enough to understand what is shown in the picture, so special attributes are written as ALT.

ALT is an alternative description for a picture. Search engines take ALT into account when ranking in services such as Yandex and Google Images.

Read more in my article: How to write ALT images correctly.

Technical website optimization.

Create a robots.txt file.

Robots.txt are rules for search robots. They allow you to determine which pages the robot can walk on and which cannot.

Generating sitemap.xml.

A sitemap is a sitemap that a search robot crawls through. The sitemap includes all the links on your site.

Rel Canonical.

This attribute is necessary to link several duplicate pages into one, for example, you noticed that an online store uses many pages: 1,2,3,4 and so on. The selected page with the Rel Canonical attribute is canonical.

Bread crumbs.

Breadcrumbs are the markup that the search engine uses to determine the structure of the site.

They also serve as a convenient navigation for the visitor. An important point is the presence of keywords in breadcrumbs, since they can be highlighted when you enter a specific query in the search results.

CNC links.

CNC – these are human-readable links of a website page. These links allow you to remove obscure hieroglyphs and numbers in the URL from the URL.

External website optimization.

External website optimization affects the trust of search engines to the site, the more the site is pumped in this regard, the better. The essence of all external optimization is to get traffic from external sources to your resource, thereby increasing the credibility of the site.

Yandex Webmaster.

Yandex Webmaster is a service that allows you to track the indexing of your site in the Yandex search engine. In addition to indexing, you can view the server response code, the popularity of requests.

Google Search Console.

This is a service that allows you to monitor the status of a site in the Google search engine. Indexing is one of the components of SEO promotion. Much depends on how your site is indexed, so this point should be taken into account.

Working with thematic forums.

There is often a fierce discussion on a particular topic on the forums. You can create one or another topic, often provocative, which will create a resonance among visitors, they will begin to discuss it, and this will only benefit you. It is not necessary to register a link to the site, just mentioning the company is enough, it is only important that it is not in a negative way.

Guest blogging.

This tool allows you to drive additional traffic to your site. We are hosted on large resources with a traffic of more than 1-2 million people from which traffic goes to our site. The search engine understands that popular sites trust us and gradually increases their trust.

Site analytics.

After all the optimization work, we connect Yandex Metrics and Google Analytics and track site traffic and conversion rates.

What factors are taken into account by SEO specialists.

With the development of the Internet and search engines, the development of the SEO industry does not stand still. Every six months / year, new algorithms appear in the course of which every good specialist in website promotion should be.

I will not dwell on everyone, but will only analyze the specific points that are most important today.

Natural links.

By natural links, I mean primarily the value of information for the visitor. For example, there are large sites with attendance starting from 1 million people per month. People visit every day reading news related to the topic of the site.

Accordingly, if you have interesting information that a new service, promotion, expansion of the company has appeared, or you want to tell how your company was opened, you can share your cases / achievements about it for free.

Cossa – site traffic is about 1 million per month;

VC.RU – website traffic is about 7 million per month.

Content quality.

Content is information that has always played a key role in a person’s life. It may not necessarily be an informational article, but, for example, a book, song, picture. There are a lot of definitions in the concept of content, but we will consider it from the point of view of website promotion.

By going to your site, the visitor should be interested in your:

They should be different from what others offer, and most importantly – information, it should be valuable to the visitor, otherwise he will leave your site and go to competitors.

Behavioral Factor and Website Usability.

The importance of this factor has increased over the past 5 years. To rank highly (to be in the first positions) in the search engines Yandex and Google, you need to have a convenient site, from the user’s point of view. For example, you are making pizza, and your target audience may be using mobile devices, but you do not have a completely responsive version of the site.

Accordingly, by going to the site, the visitor will not be entirely comfortable and he will leave the page without performing any targeted action. All user actions can be tracked through the analytical systems Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics.

User behavior on the site;

Calculate how many people leave the site page as a percentage (bounce rate in%).

I think, in general, it is clear what the usability of the site is, the smallest detail, the place on the site can be important for the visitor, so it is important to use everything rationally. And by the way, a good site from the point of view of convenience, for the user begins before the start of development, namely, drawing up a prototype of the site.

Brand awareness.

The more well-known your company is, the better it affects website promotion. For example, when you just launched a new website, but they already know about you in the offline segment. People google the name of the company and go to the site, which allows them to get search traffic at the initial stage of the site. In the future, this factor will help to advance for competitive keywords in search engines.

Social signals.

Search engines take into account links about the company’s website on social networks. Since the amount of information is huge, search engines (Yandex and Google) index Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter almost every hour. I have highlighted these networks, since there is the main function – the publication of posts on the wall, in a group, public.

Depending on the popularity of the channel / reach of the record, you get traffic to the site, which in turn will help determine the Behavioral factor of the site.

How to get a BAN from search engines.

Contact agencies that offer cheap, fast, high quality. Such firms do not promote the site, but they say abstruse phrases to confuse the client. Let me give you an example:

For 10 00 rubles, they are ready to do literally everything, although in fact no work is being done. In 1 month your site will be in the TOP. When they make such a proposal, check with the agency: what phrases in Yandex and Google will I be in the TOP for? If they drop you a list of keywords, then check the frequency through the service.

For example, a request: registration of an LLC in Moscow on a turnkey basis Butovo.

We see that for this phrase there are only 0 impressions per month, so people may not even type this request into the search engine, but the agency indicated this request in order to show that we are working to promote your site.

And also remember an important point: there is no BABLO button in SEO, to get sales from this source you need to work hard from 4 to 24 months. If this does not suit you, then you will constantly come across proposals of this kind that I described above.

How it is not recommended to promote the site.

All these methods impose a ban on the part of search engines.

Fighting low-quality links (buying links, posting in auto catalogs)

The history of link promotion goes back to the distant 2000s. Then it was necessary to be placed in directories and the site took off in the TOP of search engine results. Soon there were such services as auto-placement in all directories, but this did not last long and the case was quickly covered up by the search engines.

A little later, link buying exchanges appeared and all SEO specialists rushed to buy link mass for their site, put down the necessary anchors. The stock exchanges remained in the black, the websites to which the links were bought in the red, because already since the 2010s, the sites have gradually begun to psemize (go down in the SERPs below) in connection with the struggle between the search engine and stock exchanges.

The degree of spamming of resources is highlighted in red, for all resources it is above 70%.

An example of such exchanges:

All of this is a thing of the past, so think a few times before agreeing to offers to buy links or auto-listing in obscure directories. The consequences can be serious – a drawdown by 10-20 positions down in the search results.

Cheating behavioral factors.

First, let’s figure out where this service came from, for this we will go into history a little. In 2011, it became known that search engines have included the behavioral factor in the algorithm for ranking documents. Since then, closer to 2013-2014, services have appeared that allow you to wind up these indicators. There is a robot that comes to your site, performs certain actions and leaves. Since 2014, the Yandex search engine has been actively trying to deal with cheating and, of course, service owners are not satisfied with this situation, as they begin to lose customers.

In the case of the Userator service, people complete tasks, spend a certain amount of time on the site, and leave the site.

This is a video from the director of this service.

Examples of cheat services:

Yandex announced that for cheating behavioral factors, the site is banned for 6-8 months.

Full video about the behavioral factor from Yandex.

How to evaluate SEO promotion.

The only real decision to evaluate SEO is to calculate the ROI.

ROI (Return on Investment) is the ratio of profit and cost as a percentage for the entire period of SEO promotion.

What type of services is on the SEO market.

Promotion by positions.

The service implies promotion for certain keywords in Yandex and Google.

In this case, you, as a customer, must agree with the agency the words by which you want to be in the TOP. Next, you will be told the timing of the promotion of a particular request.

Pros: You are moving on the key queries you need in the TOP. Cons: You cover only a small part of the market, so it is much more profitable to work on traffic.

An example of promotion in Yandex at the request “Registration of an LLC in Moscow”.

An example of promotion in Yandex at the request “Liquidation of an LLC in Moscow”.

Traffic promotion.

This service consists in the fact that the agency does not focus on specific promoted words, but takes volume: the number of pages, the expansion of the semantic core.

Pros: You get much more traffic to the site than in the case of the position promotion service.

Cons: Traffic not by target words. Therefore, set the direction in which you want to move in SEO beforehand. For example, in addition to commercial pages, you also need to develop your blog in order to increase your audience reach in your niche.

An example of a traffic promotion where there is a significant increase in traffic over several months.

Lead promotion.

First you need to figure out what is included in the concept of Lead.

Lead is a targeted action performed on a website. This does not have to be an application, for example, a potential buyer can call by phone (call tracking is required for tracking).

Pros: You agree on a certain number of applications per month to which you need to strive.

Cons: Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict exactly how many applications will come from an SEO source, in one month there may be 30 applications, in another 15, because the Yandex algorithm “multi-armed bandit” mixed the results and the site flew out of the TOP.

Terms of SEO website promotion.

A frequently asked question from the client’s side: “How long does it take for a site to rise to the TOP / receive traffic or requests?” This moment needs to be broken down into Yandex and Google search engines.

In Yandex, having properly optimized the site, pages and, in general, having fulfilled all the requirements, it takes about 4 to 12 months of site promotion, it all depends on the competition and the type of niche.

It is even more difficult in Google due to different ranking algorithms, in Google you will get the result no earlier than after 6-15 months of work on the site.

How much money should be spent on SEO promotion.

If the budget of your organization is less than 10,000 – 15,000 rubles, you should not even consider this tool. It all depends on the competition in a particular region and your goals.

It is worth saying the prices for website promotion in Moscow and Krasnodar differ significantly, as well as the specifics of the market in these regions.

SEO and Contextual Advertising addiction.

I must say right away that there is no direct relationship between SEO and contextual advertising. Contextual advertising serves as a way to assess the behavioral factor of a site. Much, of course, depends on what kind of traffic you bring to the site, it is important that it is the most targeted to this page.

SEO and social media addiction.

Social traffic, as I described above, is very important, especially if the budget is very tight. Such traffic, like contextual advertising, allows you to assess the behavioral factor of your site and there is no direct dependence either.

How to achieve results in SEO promotion.

To get the desired result from website promotion, you need to do the following things:

Follow the recommendations and help from the Yandex search engine.

The help on the site: contains information from A to Z on how to promote your site, not to run into sanctions. This will be enough for the initial work on the site.

SEO for Business according to Yandex.

Recommendations from Google.

Just like Yandex, the Google search engine has prepared several useful materials for promoting the resource.

How to check the work of an SEO specialist or agency?

You will be able to adequately evaluate the work of a specialist only after an approximately real period of advancement of 3-4 months of work and only after that draw conclusions.

I hope you enjoyed my article, if you have any questions, write in the comments. Good luck!

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