Website development from scratch.

Website development from scratch on your own to a finished website. Step-by-step video tutorials on how to create a website yourself and start its SEO promotion in search engines.

My name is Stas Bykov. I have been creating and promoting websites for over 15 years. I asked myself such questions as creating a website from scratch in my distant childhood. Initially, I was independently engaged in the creation of html sites, I learned to work with graphics. Then he began to master programming languages ​​and principles of working with databases. Then he plunged into promoting the site to the top 10, creating a landing page, selling and subscription pages. To date, I have accumulated a significant treasure of knowledge, such as creating and promoting sites, promoting a site in the top 10, creating a landing page for any line of business. And I will gladly share it with you!

Creating a website from scratch yourself # 8211; it is a good and useful skill in your online work. Of course, it all depends on your expert and in programming skills, design creation, layout, usability and, of course, project management.

Nowadays, any company or any project must have its own website or landing page, it all depends on the direction of the business, niche and specific task. Therefore, any business on the Internet needs not only to create a website, but also subscription pages, one-page pages, and a landing page.

If you learn how to create a website yourself, you will be a sought-after specialist, an expert on the Internet. And also you can use your skills for your personal projects!

I reflect all my experience in my articles on my blog. By studying it, creating a website from scratch on your own will become a simple task for you. And of course it is important to remember about website promotion in the top 10 of Yandex and Google searches. And creating a landing page and setting up contextual advertising will be a simple matter for you. Of course, in order for a website or landing page to turn out to be selling, you need to know the important points of usability, which, of course, I am also talking about.

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