Website promotion for free and on your own – is it possible?

Yes, it is possible if you know what to do and how to do it.

What is website promotion (website promotion)? This is a set of actions, the meaning of which is to about your site "learned" people. That is, so that people you are interested in as your target audience can get to your site.

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. For example on the street handing out printed flyers with the address of your site. You can advertise in a newspaper. Or on television. But when they talk about website promotion, first of all, they mean the methods of popularization in which the possibilities of the Internet are used.

What opportunities does the Internet provide?

Search engines. Social networks. Forums. Announcement sites. Internet directories.

The most important part of the site promotion process is getting into the first 10-50 results in search engines, since search engines are the most important "provider" visitors. What does a person who needs to find something on the Internet do? He pulls off Google or Yandex and writes a search query there. More than 90% of visitors on any site come "from" search engines. In Russia, the most popular search engines are Google, Yandex, Rambler, This means that if you want to promote your site, you first need to ensure that your site can be found through each of these search engines. Moreover, your site should not only be included in the search results, it should be on one of the first pages of results. Because if your site is on page 120, this is tantamount to not showing it at all in the search results – "rare bird flies to" 120th page of Google.

In order to achieve this result, you need to know how search engines work and how search engines rank search results. Today, any serious search engine does not just give results for any search query. She ranks these results, some of them are higher (on the first pages), others below. The need for ranking results arises from the fact that the Internet today contains a huge amount of information. The number of pages with any text is in the billions. And search results for any phrase, let alone a word, are already thousands, tens and even hundreds of thousands of links to pages.

How do search engines rank search results? This is a combination of conditions. In a simplified way, they can be described as follows:

Matching text with a search phrase, the more accurate the match, the higher the result is. Site popularity index, that is, how many links exist on the Internet to this site. Citation index, that is, whether information from this site is reprinted on other sites. And recently, an index has been added, which reflects whether active users of social networks recommend visiting your site. Search networks have their own social networks, for example on this "My world" and " replies"… Google has it "Google Answers"… If your site is mentioned on social media, it will affect your site’s ranking in search results.

Next on the list in the list of opportunities for website promotion are social networks and forums. They provide fewer visitors, but they can provide more "quality" visitors, those that more closely match the profile of your target audience. As a rule, if a link to your site is posted in a forum or on a social network, then it is accompanied by a description and personal recommendation – this gives "quality" traffic to your website.

At the bottom of the list are ad sites and catalogs. Today, they give a very small share of traffic to your site and have almost no effect on the ranking of your site, and nevertheless, this opportunity should not be neglected.

This is how website promotion is performed. There is nothing fundamentally complicated here, any sensible person can do it. But, of course, professionals have their own little secrets, as well as tools that facilitate work and, of course, experience.

But there is an easy way for you to promote your site. More details.

Ivan Sukhov, 2012

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