Website promotion in 2022: how to promote your website quickly and for free.

Suppose you are the owner of a new site that has a nice design, easy navigation and useful information for visitors. The web resource was recently posted on the Web, and you are expecting an influx of Internet users. But there are still no visitors. The site will not promote itself, you need to promote it.

Website promotion: where to start?

Let’s first figure out what this means.

Website promotion – these are measures taken to ensure that as much as possible of the target audience, potential consumers of the product presented on the site, learn about the resource.

Most often, such promotion is understood as SEO (search engine optimization) or resource optimization for search engines. But in fact, it is possible to promote a website not only with the help of SEO, there are other channels for attracting potential customers and it is better to compose them for greater impact.

Traditional SEO promotion.

In our company, the basic rates for website promotion are as follows:

Ideal for online stores and large companies with a large number of services. It includes:

Deep analysis Working with keys Tech. Optimization Content Marketing Natural Links SMO Optimization 404 pages Speed ​​up SERM loading.

Min. term of completion: 20 working days 7 specialists and a personal manager.

Suitable for medium sites of any kind. It includes:

Deep analysis Working with keys Tech. Optimization Content Marketing Natural Links SMO Optimization 404 pages Accelerating SERM loading.

Min. term of completion: 15 working days 5 specialists and a personal manager.

Suitable for blogs and portals, as well as other sites where the link mass is not needed. You’ll get:

Deep analysis Working with keys Tech. Optimization Content Marketing Natural Links SMO Optimization 404 pages Speed ​​up SERM loading.

Min. term of completion: 10 working days 4 specialists and a personal manager.

But these basic works alone are not enough to get a steady stream of clients. Although literally some 3-5 years ago, this was enough to bring the site to the TOP and get customers even in highly competitive topics.

Today everything is much more complicated. It’s about transforming SEO into SEM (search engine marketing). Search engine marketing has replaced traditional optimization and this is natural. Let me explain why.

The search results are overflowing with advertisements (so-called contextual advertising), they are the ones who collect the main traffic, then large aggregators like Google Shopping are presented (an article on how to deal with aggregators in the TOP), and islands, like maps, are also interfered in organic results and reference books.

Look at the results for a commercial request:

One continuous advertisement.

How to promote a site in such an environment?

On the first page of search results, there are fewer and fewer places for regular sites. And in order for the resource to receive really good traffic, you need to use all the possibilities of search engine marketing. – those. use not only one SEO channel, but also connect others, including advertising traffic, and placement of search engines on Services (Yandex.Cue, Yandex.Zen, Yandex.Collections, Google My Business and others), as well as work with marketplaces (a huge number of marketplaces and aggregators that are difficult to bypass in the search results, but which can help get their customers and promote the resource) and directories of organizations.

Naturally, the web resource itself will not be promoted on the Web. He needs help «stand up on feet» and here we need basic work, and then maintain and improve the achieved effect with the help of regular SEO support.

The most difficult thing will be at the very beginning, because you will have to invest a lot, and the return will be minimal. But over time, everything will go faster and faster. Expect at least six months to a year when you may not like the return.

It should also be said that now, even in basic optimization, an integrated approach is important. If earlier it was enough to buy links and slightly optimize, and a site even with terrible content got into the TOP, now everything is not so simple. It is important to work with internal optimization, external and pay attention to behavioral factors. And this is only the part of the work that is related to SEO. That is why, even in the basic tariffs, we include SERM, SMO, and work with content.

Website promotion methods help to achieve 2 interrelated goals:

Increase the position of the resource in search engines. Ensure the flow of targeted visitors to the site.

But how can a site reach the coveted positions in Yandex and Google? Both Yandex and Google evaluate the overall business behind each specific site. You can lick the code for as long and thoroughly as possible, work with links and write perfect texts, but if the business itself is bad, you will not find a client. Therefore, do the business first, and only then show the search engines that your business is worth trusting. How to implement all this on your own?

Website promotion on your own.

All methods for website promotion can be combined into 3 groups:

Internal website optimization. External resource optimization. Website optimization for social signals.

For each of them, I will give a full check, with links to a detailed description of all the work required.

You can independently promote your site and attract the target audience to it. But it won’t be easy. We have a team of specialists working to promote each site, at least four, usually more: seo strategist, link builder, copywriter, ux specialist, marketer, serm specialist, programmer, technical specialist, analyst. Each of them are professionals only in their field.

It is quite difficult to be a pro in all areas and it is easy to ignore something, but nothing is impossible, give it a try. If you have any difficulties, write, do not hesitate, we will show you, we will help. Our task is to help small businesses make this world a better place. At a minimum, this article will help you understand what you need to do to promote your site.

But still, before doing it yourself, look at our paid tariffs (this is by no means a compulsion to buy), just the tariffs describe in detail how we do it and how much this or that type of work costs separately. This will make it easier to follow these instructions, and along the way, you can calculate how much money you saved.

It’s better to start website promotion with basic internal optimization.

Before diving headlong into the study of website promotion on your own, I recommend watching a short video that will help you calculate the budget that you may need even with self-promotion:

Whatever you decide, basic optimization is needed for every site, without exception. Let’s start with her.

I. Internal optimization for website promotion.

It involves working directly on the content of the site, which contributes to its promotion in search engines. Before optimizing anything, make a website backup. Useful if something goes wrong 🙂

For internal optimization, we recommend the following to our clients:

Develop a semantic core of the resource – that is, a set of keywords that correspond to the topic of the site and for which you will optimize it. Phrases for such a list are first taken «out of my head», then supplemented with synonyms and expanded with the help of Yandex.Wordstat and Google AdWords services. Thus, you will receive a list of keywords of different frequency for website promotion. Read more about compiling a semantic core here. A detailed step-by-step video tutorial is here.

E-A-T- and LSI-copywriting are two principles that you need to know in order to correctly convey the essence of your resource to the search engine and prove that your business is worth attention.

It is important that the number of key queries is no more than 11% of the text volume. Exceeding this parameter is called «spam» and may result in sanctions from search engines. And finally, the texts should be interesting to users. Learn more about promoting your site with articles here. You can learn how to write godly texts here.

and rate how convenient it is for viewing from mobile devices. Try to correct the identified shortcomings. Both factors affect your site’s ranking in search results.

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