Website promotion in Google or how to promote your website yourself from scratch.

Increasingly, there is a desire to start promoting a site on your own? But how to promote your site yourself? Everything is quite simple and prosaic – you need to love your job and not shirk your work. The analogy of promoting a website to a tree is that if it is systematically looked after, it will grow and bear fruit. The same principle works with internet businesses.

What are the most important stages of promoting your site, we can endure.

Before you start highlighting certain stages that will help arouse search engines’ specific interest in your Internet project, it is worth noting one important feature. Website promotion is inherently a unique process and each of its elements must be approached individually. Recently, a lot of events and changes have occurred in the world of search engine optimization, or rather, a change and improvement of search algorithms against the backdrop of progressive technologies. Individuality or, more precisely, uniqueness has become the exclusive and unshakable rule. All the improvements are associated with a qualitatively new increase in the ranking of pages in search, which allows you to ensure yourself the leading position with minimal financial costs and take a worthy place in the search results.

When analyzing competitors occupying the first lines of the search results, you can notice a bright and characteristic pattern, which consists in the natural build-up of the link mass. Such resources have earned their reputation with search engines for long and hard work. The search engine takes into account the uniqueness of the site, this concerns behavioral factors, the attitude of users to the resource, the actions of visitors after visiting and, perhaps most importantly, the environment of your website with the highest rating sites, according to search engines. All these elements are aimed at the growth of exceptionally long-term projects, companies that position themselves as a brand and wish to remain in the lead for years.

To promote your site – follow clear algorithms.

Who, if not the site owners, is most interested in learning how to promote a site in search engines and get a clear advantage over competitors. In order to promote an Internet site quickly and on your own, it is worth preparing for the fact that you will have to spend a lot of time and effort on promotion, but the result is always worth it. You must always remember that website promotion should be supervised by an experienced SEO until you master all the intricacies of the search process, otherwise there is a high risk of wasting money and energy, and besides, ineffective methods and excessive activity can simply drive the site under the filter. It is important not to make mistakes in the process of work, because fixing them is difficult and time consuming, and sometimes even impossible.

How to promote a site on Google – the solution to the tasks.

The main question that worries many is how to promote a site in Google and how to achieve high results in search results. If you approach this issue correctly and set a clear goal, then the result can be achieved in 3-4 months. The main factor that must be taken into account in the promotion process is competition: the higher it is, the more difficult it is to get into the TOP. The popularity of the keyword also affects the speed of website promotion. Indeed, there are a lot of factors affecting the quality, time and costs of promoting a business on the Internet, but if you carefully read us and follow the recommendations for eliminating errors, then after a certain time you will learn the basics yourself. Let’s get started!

To work, we need to approach the task comprehensively, apply all seo-tools in full in order to promote the site in search engines. Our primary task is to create a positive impression not only for search engines, but also for people, and this, in turn, will positively affect the site’s ranking in search results. Why should you try to please people first of all, and not a search engine? Everything is very simple: everything that has been done for a person will also be liked by a car. This will not only give the site individuality and make it stand out among hundreds of thousands of others, but also make it unique, and this is the most important thing in promotion. Unique content is the key to success and prosperity in the vastness of the global information field. Always think about people who will read you, want to use a service or purchase a product. Don’t make fancy claims, but focus on maximizing user access to information, ease of use will increase your bottom line. There are many examples of a website with a lot of visitors but zero revenue. Rely on the real factors of your success, give the client the opportunity to be convinced of the reliability of the company and you are guaranteed success.

Who will tell you where to start promoting your site? How to promote a website on the Internet using internal optimization.

Website promotion of any subject begins with the internal optimization of each successful project in advance. Before search engines index a site or newly created pages, they need to be prepared. It is important that the new information product posted on the Internet makes the right impression. This requires two conditions: the first is the uniqueness of the text (it is very important that the content is one of a kind, even on internal pages it should not have repetitions), the second is to carry out internal optimization, so to speak, to link the text of the site with search engines … Thus, having made a decision to independently promote your Internet business, you should take care in advance of a unique text for your own website and, of course, you will need knowledge in the field of search engine optimization. You can also find information on how to optimize your site for search engines on our website. Sites that copy texts from other resources have a very small chance of breaking into the leaders of the search engine results in Google and Yandex, and in such cases it is not worth talking about terms and savings at all. It is very difficult to raise the rating of your Internet resource without unique content, search engines will give preference to the site, the text of which is unique, which is not on other web sites.

Let’s take a look at one of the elements of internal optimization – metadata.

First of all, attention should be paid to such a function as internal website optimization:

Title – is optimized for the main, key, promoted query, which you, of course, will promote. Description – describes your page, says what it is about. The key request is duplicated into it, but with text dilution. Keywords – all key queries are written that correspond to the topic of the page that do not fit into the title.

We write unique text and post articles.

As we have already discussed, the fundamental optimization of a website of any topic is, of course, the text. Try to write content for your website yourself, copying from other resources will not lead to anything good. It is also worth noting the importance of constantly filling the site with unique content in the process of its promotion: it is necessary to create as many pages as possible that carry useful and thematic information, and, of course, with a unique description. Creating 2-3 new pages per week will be more than enough to conquer new heights in the rankings of search giants – Google and Yandex.

Create h1 headings and h2 subheadings.

What do we mean by creating headers h1 and h2, what is their function? First of all, this is the selection of basic, main information. Second, they send information to search engines about the keywords they are promoting. Headings form the base of initial data, which any search engine is guided by, they must be understandable to both a person and a robot.

Separately, you can make such text highlights as “strong” and “b”, which also make a positive contribution to the efficiency of work, but they are not required.

What is internal page linking and why is it needed.

Any site should be intuitively correct and understandable for both people and search engines. This rule also applies to linking. If, for example, you decide to make a link from the main page to the announcement of an article that, in your opinion, might interest buyers, then it should be formatted in a text version correctly, leading to the given url in meaning. It is not necessary to form a link at the beginning of a sentence, and the link itself must have the correct address path, without such additions in the url as / catalog /, the path must be straight. Thus, we simplify the work for search robots and intuitively push the client to place an order.

How to properly structure your site and what is the nesting depth of pages.

In order for visitors to find the information they need, there is no need to create a huge nesting for the pages, that is, the newly made page should be as close as possible to the main domain name. For the convenience of users and for high-quality indexing of the site, it is worth using a page nesting depth of no more than 2-3. The closer the promoted article is to the domain itself, the easier it is to promote such pages on the Internet. Website development should be as close to simplicity as possible, which is convenient for users, and is also liked by search robots.

Free website promotion – where to start and how to do it?

I believe that free website promotion is the most actively asked question, which is typical not only for the average owner of a business portal on the Internet, but for SEOs themselves. Why is this question important for a specialist? – you ask, – of course, because this is saving money, that is, the SEO specialist will be able to put more in his pocket, and not spend on work moments, and who is promoting himself, of course, is trying to save the already small budget allocated for work … For free site promotion, in fact, as for a paid one, you need to build up the link mass. In order to promote a site for free without money and initial investments, you will have to be very patient and start posting your website link on hundreds of free resources, and besides, preferably thematic ones that match the theme of your site.

After the site has been made and work on internal optimization has been carried out on it, it is necessary to register it in the search engines. The easiest way is to place the link of your resource on another portal, after which the search engines will notice it and automatically add it to their list. There are, of course, other methods and special services, both paid and free, but at the initial stage this will be quite enough, and since it will be actively promoted, the question of forced indexing will disappear by itself.

Registration of a site in directories – why is it necessary.

Registration of a site in directories is considered to be quite powerful and very effective method in website promotion. There are a huge number of catalogs, among which you can find your own theme and register your site, and completely free of charge. Some rating directories may require, as part of a partnership, to leave their link on your resource, so to speak, to exchange weight. This method is very suitable for young sites that have not yet proven themselves, but old domain names should not miss the opportunity to build up their link mass and strengthen their positions even more.

Why posting to article directories is so important.

We are accustomed to the opinion that everything valuable costs money, and sometimes we do not notice the obvious: we just have to reach out and take it, without paying anyone anything, but getting the maximum benefit. Few people pay attention to the possibility of placing information in catalogs. As we already understood, writing articles is a powerful seo tool for the future, it is the key to the successful prosperity of an online business, as well as an opportunity to strengthen and create a reliable platform for promotion on a long-term basis. To get the maximum result from the work done, it is important not to forget to put a link to those requests that you are trying to promote. To display the site on the first lines of the search, any thematic directories and blogs are suitable, which, of course, are not punished by search engines, but the maximum weight can be obtained only from rating resources, that is, directories and blogs with high pr and titanium. Such tools will help to quickly raise the rating data of your site and lay the foundation for successful promotion.

Placing a site on message boards – is it necessary at all?

This method of promotion is ineffective, and sometimes even dangerous. By virtue of their general availability, message boards are a kind of garbage dumps where any, even prohibited sites can be placed. It is worth working with such resources very carefully, without placing links of the main domain, but such sites still have a certain weight and can help to pull up pages of the second or third level by low-frequency phrases. When you start working with message boards, inspect them carefully.

Let’s look at what tools exist for website promotion for free (no money) on the modern endless expanses of the Internet.

Directories Blogs Social networks Forums.

This list is far from complete, but it is the basis, or, if you prefer, the base that forms the information-link core of the website. There will be more than enough of these tools for promoting simple queries and natural output to the TOP, but when you start working on a complex thematic site with high levels of competition, you will need a much wider arsenal of SEO tools.

Is it worth taking on website promotion if you have neither experience nor knowledge?

Surely everyone understands that to promote complex competitive queries, of course, you need experience, but what if you don’t have it, and you are overwhelmed with the desire to try yourself in the role of SEO? In order to learn how to professionally promote sites, you need the help of our seo-specialists. We will reveal the real secrets of successful online business, share unique resource bases, and also give specific recommendations and practical skills for real raising the rating of your site. We will tell you how to bring your site to the first lines and break into the top positions of the search engines Google and Yandex.

Contextual advertising on Google – how to succeed.

It is difficult to dispute the fact that the context in Google AdWords is the most effective way to quickly start a young company on the Internet, because it helps to get customers and start selling in the shortest possible time. But only an integrated approach from the side of internal optimization and the acquisition of links will truly be able to unleash the full potential of contextual advertising. Lots of companies pay money, but they can’t even get close to the first page of context. How can you justify such waste on contextual advertising, which does not help, but only effectively devour the budget? By focusing on the correct use of this resource, you can lower the rate per click and attract a truly target audience, but, again, only an integrated approach can solve unsolvable problems.

Exchanges of links and articles. Why do you need to buy links and the importance of this process.

Perhaps the most common promotion method is link buying and article buying. This method is used by pros, but it is quite suitable for an inexperienced, beginner person to understand the intricacies of seo optimization. These methods are chargeable, but they are very effective. For newbies, these services provide automated capabilities that are easy to manage and understand. It is possible to purchase both temporary and permanent links. It is worth highlighting the most popular links among the exchanges – Sape, Seopult, Miralinks. Of course, this is not the whole list of automatic promotion services, but they form the basis where links can be bought inexpensively, and most importantly – high-quality.

Perpetual links are the most effective way to gain search engine weight for good.

There are two types of links – temporary and permanent. Both of these methods are interesting and each has its own set of advantages. Temporary links, as the name implies, have a certain period of validity, the usual term for their existence is a month. This is their most negative feature. Their advantage is that they give a solid boost to the site and are relatively inexpensive. But if the money is not paid, your resource will eventually return to its original position, and very quickly.

Website promotion with eternal links, in our opinion, is qualitatively better and more reliable, they are more expensive, but the effect from them is eternal. Moreover, the longer the link is functioning, the more weight it will bring. If you are faced with the question: pay constantly or gradually surround your website with high-quality and proven Internet brands, while increasing your search value, we believe that the choice is obvious.

Natural link promotion is cheap and cheerful.

You can argue for a long time about the advantages of different kinds of seo-tools, but today only natural link promotion can rightfully be distinguished among the heap of other complex and financially dependent inventory of any seo-specialist. Absolutely everything can be attributed to natural link promotion: these are links from blogs, forums, social networks and much more. Everything that is done with your own hands brings much more benefit than all specialized programs combined, and certainly does not harm, like the latter. The use of any kind of programs to run a site through catalogs or other resources is strongly discouraged, since link spam can lead to retaliatory, harsh sanctions from search engines. It is also worth attributing to the natural link promotion site design, competent structuring of pages with a minimum depth of page nesting to smoothly guide visitors to the target information, and much more.

How to promote a website yourself or how to create a business with your own hands is a pure practice that guarantees a result.

Do you want to promote the site yourself, with your own hands, without involving any specialists? Everyone is able to learn how to promote sites on their own, you only need patience and perseverance. It is these two qualities that separate specialists and amateurs. Having searched the Internet, you can find and read a lot of works related to search engine optimization, the ability to quickly advance on popular key queries, bypassing the thorny path of search ranking. In practice, however, everything is completely different, only hard work and patience will help to overcome all obstacles, since there is no magic wand. True connoisseurs of search engines do not really like to share their knowledge, the results and search engine rankings speak for them. It is not difficult to promote your site yourself to the TOP-10, but you need help for this. Our specialists in the field of search engine optimization will teach you how to promote sites of any complexity and subject matter.

SeoMid quality mark. Individual training in website promotion – the author’s technique!

We prove in practice that our website promotion methods work. Therefore, we propose to go through the first training lesson in website promotion completely free of charge and to see for yourself the quality of the offered knowledge. We conduct seo courses directly on the client’s website, so by the end of the training it will be possible to see the growth of searches for your Internet resource with your own eyes, of course, provided that you complete all the homework that the teacher will give. Together with the teacher, there is a planned preparation for the promotion of the site for a year in advance, with the possibility of information support after training. We take care of our clients and always cooperate and help with work after training, advise on any issues regarding website promotion.

Discover the world of search engine optimization, look at far-reaching opportunities, and we’ll help you succeed!

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