What is SEO and SEO Optimization? Key features and specifications.

Are you a website owner? Then you need to know about search engine optimization and SEO. Do you want to attract traffic to a resource in order to offer products or services, to make money through traffic? This is a realizable desire, which can be realized by promoting a website to the TOP of search engine results. To do this, you need to know the basics of search engine optimization and promotion, be able to use them correctly.

First, let’s define the terminology. SEO or Search Engine Optimization literally translated from English is search engine optimization. In the sense, it is a set of measures that adapt the resource to the requirements of search engines and contribute to its reaching high positions in the search results.

Along with the growth of positions in the search results, the chances that the visitor will click on the link and go to the resource also increase. TOP-3 gives a close to 100% probability of a transition, then the trend decreases somewhat, since 2-5 people out of 10 get to the tenth position of the first page. The second page of search engine results is of interest to 10-20% of the audience, that is, only 1-2 person out of 10. It is clear that it is preferable to be in the top ten. But the competition is higher here, and there are few places.

How can you win the fight against competitors and be among the leaders? SEO is a faithful assistant in this!

Search engine optimization can be broken down into three important steps:

1. Internal work with the site. As part of these SEO works, it is necessary to eliminate errors, change, adapt the content, make it unique, improve the code, and relink between pages. This stage is called internal optimization.

The effectiveness of this work depends on the experience, skills and efforts of the optimizer. Keep in mind that the algorithms of Google and Yandex are different, so decide on priorities for promotion and pay special attention to the requirements and advice of the search engine in which you need top positions.

2. The second stage of SEO is to promote the resource yourself. This is a set of measures performed outside the site – in social networks, in catalogs, on third-party sites, on thematic blogs and forums. The task of these works is to ensure advancement in search and exit to the TOP by creating a link profile and promoting resource pages for targeted user requests. This stage is external optimization or SEO promotion itself.

3. The third component is the maintenance and preservation of the won positions, the actualization of the results obtained. As part of this work, you need to track the results and dynamics of competitors’ indicators, change keys, edit and add links, fill the resource with content, make adjustments for new recommendations and search engine algorithms.

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Website content optimization.

Content – textual and graphic content of a web page. Important keywords are added to the information available to optimize the text content. On the one hand, there should be a lot of them, and on the other, without excess, which is regarded by search engines as spam. A key density of 4-6% of the total number of words is the best option. In addition to the number, the location of the keys in relation to each other, the proximity to the beginning of the text are taken into account. Previously, the recommendation to limit the volume of publication to 2-2.5 thousand characters was relevant. Today, bed sheets with high-quality text and competent structure are well received by search engines.

As part of content optimization, style your headings and subheadings by adding keywords to them. Be sure to use the main promoted key in the heading h1, with the help of h2 large amounts of text are divided into separate semantic parts, it is also recommended to use keys here. Important text fragments can be highlighted in bold, italic, underline – with strong, b, i, etc. tags. But you shouldn’t overuse these attributes.

Content – both text and graphics. As part of content optimization, it is necessary to take care of the images. The first requirement is thematic proximity to the text content. It is also recommended to use the alt and title attributes, in which you write the keys – individual for each image. Fill the text located next to the image with key phrases, which will allow search engines to determine the subject of the graphic element and promote it in the search by images.

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